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Will Ergie get busted?

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  • Will Ergie get busted?

    Where is he on the hierarchy scale?

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    Will Ernie get busted? I don't think so. It's hard to imagine that the government would be interested in pursuing him at all, much less over a few joints. But what if they do arrest him? I think he'd be fine. Trey Gowdy's recent comments on states with legal medical marijuana programs made me realize how far public opinion has shifted on this issue. I need to visit useful source to get help with my dissertation. Most Americans now support legalization, and it seems unlikely that the DEA would go after a small-time guy like Ernie for sharing a few joints with friends. Legalization is inevitable, and it looks like we'll be having this debate in every election for the next few years. I'm glad that candidates are talking about it, but I hope they continue to educate themselves about marijuana policy in the meantime. Whatever their stance is, it's important that our elected representatives have a good understanding of how other countries have dealt with these issues and what those experiences tell us about the best policies.*


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