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    I just joined the forum. I am 55 and recently retired to Thailand. I did a village ceremony with my Thai wife. She is 35 and works as an account / auditor. We have a 2 year old girl named Cream.

    I joined ThaiVisa and Teakdoor and found both forums unfriendly and unhelpful. Except for the guy that sent me a PM at Teakdoor inviting me here.

    I am looking for advice on medical insurance, good but reasonably priced doctors and hospitals, the best bank for a falang, and activities for a retired guy like myself. Or anything else you care to share. I promise to share too as I experience living in Thailand.

    Thanks to all.

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    Originally posted by Red Eye View Post
    Except for the guy that sent me a PM at Teakdoor inviting me here.
    Welcome Sir.


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      Welcome Red Eye - what part of LOS do you reside?

      Re banks - there's no specific bank here that is better for the farang than another although try to avoid Kasikorn. They seem to be the least friendly. You will need Bangkok Bank if you're an American receiving direct deposit SS checks.
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        K-basic debit card - no fees - i like


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          Thanks for the welcomes and info.

          Right now we are living in Samut Prakan, but my teerak is from Mukdahan. Does anyone here live in Mukdahan that could give me so insight about life there?

          The biggest change for us would be Ploy leaving her job. It pays well, and she says she won't be able to find work in Mukdahan. At least a position that pays as well as her current employer does. She is OK with that and is willing to stay home and be a housewife and a mom. I just don't want her to not have a sense of purpose, which I feel her job gives her.

          I have been taking care of this drool bunny while she works, and about to lose my mind! So, I am all for her not working. I am too old to chase a toddler around all day.


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            No fees as in what? ATM withdrawals? I know with the bank my lady uses, if we are out of the province she opened the account in, there are atm fees.

            Originally posted by Pattaya Plies View Post


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                15 baht / transaction


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                  Lots of good advice on medical insurance on the two forums you're already a member of, red eye.

                  Oh, and welcome!
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