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Hi, where do I post about shipping items to Thailand

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  • Hi, where do I post about shipping items to Thailand

    Hi all,

    I have just joined and have some questions about shipping my things to Thailand and not sure where best to post my questions?

    Btw my name is Tony and my lovely girlfriend is called Chanpen, although the correct Thai spelling is Janphen, don't ask me why she uses Chanpen lol

    I hope to go to Thailand permanently within next few months just trying to tie up all the loose ends here, so much to do to get ready!

    I want to take a lot of my things to Thailand but from what I have seen so far, from shipping companies I am wondering if its worth the hassle, anyway if there is a section I should post under perhaps admins can let me know.

    Many thanks all,

    Tony and Chanpen

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    Shipping - where from?
    Originally posted by Ergenburgensmurgen;n186588
    What are you talking about, I don't post on Teakdoor.


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      Academic assistance? I believe a international shipping container from a reputable international shipping company was on order.
      Where is Sir Laundry when you need 'im?


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