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    ...well, the fat bastard part is understandable: pizza, fries AND least you're into evening gymnastics to work some of it off...


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      TWM, have you met Landreth as of yet?

      I'm sure you two would get on smashingly well.


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        back in oz I'm a fat bastard, out here I'm Peter andre
        Goodonya mate. Be sure to skewer lotsa the flower of Thai youth while you're there, secure in the knowledge it helps their kids get educated and old folks in the village stay fed.


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          Pattayan antics over but headed to Krabi sunday.
          Great memories
          Midday heat. Sadly she was with me only 10hrs, best things in life aint free
          patters 12.jpg
          Got a scalp massage for 100baht
          bought her a drink to say thanjks, she bought me a critter which I politely declined.
          she spoke in a odd accent. Not northeastern, down south I think

          patters 19.jpg

          my last day I;m headed to Bkk in 45minutes. Quite sure she knew I was spying
          patters 17.jpg


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            Originally posted by Somchai Boonporn View Post
            Patters is a virus.
            Stay away then, that's grrreat. Most Pattspat's already got the virus, and they really wouldn't wanna beya.
            Sad fool.


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              Back in 2010 I paid 150k for the Coto crapper for the upstairs Loo.
              They thought I was a player and so did I until I remembered it was all in Laos Kip.


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                Welcome aboard fishlocker...
                God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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                  I know this is redundant, but how do I post these pics.

                  Hey it's all good. Well as good as can be under current conditions. Hope all is well. Peace out..... The fish. In smaller portions unfortunately.


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                    Two in VTE from what I heard as far as CVD-19. Stay safe.


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                      I was a millionaire. Yea, ten years ago when I bought the Cotto crapper from the Loa home Depot. Yea, living large until I did the math.

                      A crapper is a crapper regardless of the exchange rate.


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                        ^You're talking shit


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                          Pizza & chips? Thats just wrong.


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                            Mr two week millionaire it does sound like you're on a hell of an adventure. I was a six week millionaire not to long ago. You see the fish has a crib in Laos and every now and then we pop in and relax a bit. It's a work in progress and that's when I feel like a million. Yea, I go into town, that's a million. I head to the islands down south, that's a million. I buy a crapper, that's a million. New well pump, that's a million. Throw a big get the idea.

                            Funny thing about Laos is that the most I can pull out of an ATM at any one time is two million. And I think as I recall it costs me about seven bucks to do it. A few from my bank and a few from the ATM branch. No big deal and I'm glad just to have the service.

                            Don't think this would happen at home or in Thailand either but a while back we stopped at an ATM at the ANZ Bank in town and as I was counting my millions it spat out a receipt. I thought how cool. It gave me the transaction details in usd and kip.

                            While this was going on folks were like hurry up you damn tourist. Yea, the gf had shopping on her mind so I stuffed the the stack of 100,000 kip notes in my fanny pack along with the receipt and off we went.

                            Now it wasn't till the end of the evening, about 10pm when I usually kick back at the table and count the days expenses. All those kip just seem to dissappear throughout the day with miss fish swinging deals on this and that all day.
                            Well that's when I realized I didn't have my drivers license or debit/ credit cards as I kept them in a little wallet that I must have left on the counter at the bank. I hit the King Robert and a beer Lao and tell the gf in screwed. At the time I only had about 5k us stashed away that would have to last the rest of the trip.
                            She tells her sister what happened and sis says no problem. I'm like wtf! Big problem. She say no probum. Bo ben young..I'm like wtf. I'm buying gas for every scooter in town and you say "no problem."

                            Well I thought I'd be buying gas for the gang but that's not how it turned out. You see the next day we went back to the bank branch and walked in. This of course after waiting for bill to finish his farming chores. Talk about seeming like forever I realized just how impatient I can be.

                            Anyhow I walk in the bank and there was a pretty girl at a desk to my right, three gals behind the glass as tellers and one gentleman with a big desk with a large safe next to it.

                            I walk over and show him the receipt and explain what had happened. He asked If I had a passport and before I produced it he had his safe opened and had my wallet in his hand.

                            I showed him my passport and he said with a smile that one of the banks customers found my wallet and turned it in to him.

                            I asked for a name and he said he couln't say. So I wrote a note to this person inviting them to dinner hoping they'd bite as I wad so grateful and amazed that this even happened.

                            I gave the banker a reward with instruction to give the good Samaritan half along with the note when he/she comes in again.

                            It was around Christmas time and I thought I'll be sending this person a Christmas gift for the rest of my life. Well I never got a call a letter or anything ever. Of course this person had my name and address that was on my ID not to mention my phone number I placed on the letter along with the above info....Nothing ever came, not a word.

                            As we left the bank I told miss fish that I should have doubled the reward money and she said, " It isn't about the money honey it's about Good Karma. Then It hit me, I got.

                            The reason I bring this up is that you mr two week millionaire mentioned your rental leaving before you awoke. I've heard a few horror stories about that type of behavior and must say as a forewarning not all players in the game of life believe in Karma.

                            Have fun, be safe and Cheers.

                            the fish


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                              I know that was a lot to chew on and upon rereading I noticed a few grammatical errors. I hope the teachers will understand. I cheeted in grade school and have forever paid the price. Not to mention this phones key pad is a bit small for my flipper fingers. .......????



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                                I hit the King Robert and a beer Lao and tell the girlfriend I'm screwed.

                                Was so greatfull, not wad. Sounds so Elmer Fudd, no?

                                Then it hit me, I got it.

                                I think those were the mistakes. BTW is there an edit function in case I have the fat finger syndrome going forward.

                                I may have overlooked it if there is one. Anyway I hope you get the gist of the story and I hope it was worth a read as I really have heard of things heading south in a hurry when dealing with things that go bump in the night.


                                Oh, found the edit but it must have a time frame or other limiting factors.

                                Last edited by fishlocker; 04-05-2020, 11:12 PM.