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Kanchababuri Jan 2018

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  • Kanchababuri Jan 2018

    Van took about 2hrs from Future Park Rangsit. It was blazing hot when we left

    Arrived at our 2 star hotel, fairly new, run by the Erawan Group. Standards are good, for the price that is. 650 a night

    View from balcony

    Brunch the next day, at Tara B&B along the horrible main sex tourist farang/backpacker strip. With its abundance of purple faced flabby men in vests drinking on gogo barstools, it resembles Pattaya by night. Luckily we're no where near it.

    Most other white farang we spoke to were Aussies. A couple of shirtless Irish lads hindered my view so had to wait a few minutes until they ****ed off.

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    Beautifully preserved specimen of a loco

    The place is crawling with sweet looking pussy, except the farang & backpacker street of course.

    Forn some reason this was for sale. Not sure what the Thailand connection is and who would wear such a garment

    Klip Bua Stadium, former home of TOT FC (Telephone Organisation Thailand) until 2009. The club was dissolved in 2016 after a disasterous campaign in the Premier League.

    From the bridge at dusk


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      Nice picture thread. Thanks for sharing.

      We nearly stayed at that hotel but it looked a bit too much like a UK chain hotel.
      Stayed in the same street though a few hundred yards further on with a 7/11 and air con steakhouse outside. 600 baht.....pretty good deal.


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        Yeah they're a bit travel lodge / premier Inn ish, but they're new clean and the beds aren't made of rock.


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          The bed was fine, but after the second night a bit too soft and the pillow gave me a sore neck. Luckily the night market had a great massage place and the boss lady herself did my back and neck. I fell asleep for most of the 45 minutes, which can't be a bad thing.

          Found a great place with a decent menu.

          Stocked with dog eared out of date travel guides (which are fun to read sometimes) and various tomes abandoned or donated by travellers over the years, the lady lets you borrow whatever you want as long as you donate a few baht. Most just survive as reading material for the various patrons that pass through.

          I suspect that hidden in the back somewhere is a half decent chef. Some highlights of what we ate in our 3 visits.

          Tara Guesthouse down the road did a tasty breakfast at 11.30am


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            Cat got the prawn tails. It even jumped up on my lap, the cheeky feline.

            We changed hotels for the extra night we decided at the last minute. Wasn't exactly the Shangrila but views were ok

            Took a walk at sunset. Quite nice, when you are out of earshot from the rabble of backpackers and sex tourists on the main strip

            Rode out to Tha Thung Na Dam, about 44km along a dangerous highway in the blazing sun. It's a sobering thought doing about 60kph wearing just a crap plastic helmet as the traffic whizzes by in the number 1 country for road deaths. The Gf is a careful driver, most of the time.

            Worth the effort though. Nobody about, waved in by a couple of smiling military guys


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              Some bonus photos, the swimming pool at the Noble guesthouse, which has seen better days, and possibly a few deaths by electrocution....


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                Very nice Pat.

                I really like heading to Kanchanaburi, a great mixture of everything. A great place to go book shopping too, with all the bookshops and backpackers coming through.


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                  And the temples of course


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                    You could kill and hour or so at most looking at bookshops.


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                      The last few times I went up there I stayed at Sky Resort. 1,000-1,200, new, nice enough pool. Close to the main part of the town.

                      Though I also like the riverboat hotel things. little balcony floating on the river. The 2 hour longtail speedboat ride that stops off at a big jungle cave is fun once and good for family etc when they are over. Nice to sit on your balcony that's floating on the river with a cocktail as the sun goes down.
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                        A lot of mozzie repellant advised.


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                          Yup, make sure a family member from back home is with you. They'll be the mozzie magnet.


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                            Originally posted by Exexpat View Post
                            And the temples of course
                            Any you guys venture into the War Museum?
                            It's right there by the famous bridge and definitely worth an hour's look-see. Lots of relics from WW2
                            Very cool it is...
                            God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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