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    I booked a Bangkok hotel recently using Agodas Book now Pay Later option. When I later looked at the credit card amount debited it was 5% more than anticipated. Exchange rate variations was not the issue

    Off to the fine print department! Sure enough, under the Agoda terms of use under the heading ‘Book now Pay Later’ bookings are charged with what’s called a Daily Adjusted Rate encompassing the Bloomberg exchange rate on the day payment is processed plus 5%

    This extra 5% is not mentioned once in the booking process - a scammy hidden charge!

    Exercise Caveat Emptor when dealing with these bloody sites

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    I also noticed in another booking with Agoda that in their zeal to get your booking they had advertised a lower than expected Hotel rate that didn’t marry up with the current Australian dollar/Thai Baht cross rate. If I had booked there & then I would have been paying 2% or 3% more than what was advertised due to this discrepancy

    If I had later queried it they would passed this extra 2% or 3% off as an exchange rate variation

    It the death by a thousand cuts analogy. $1 here, $1 there all adds up to a fattened bottom line for these companies. They do these things deliberately knowing they can get away with it until called up by a countries consumer law regulatory body


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      I find to be a bit more up front and honest, even though agoda and booking are owned by the same group.

      UK TV is currently flooded with adverts for trivago and expedia. They seem to be trying to create the impression of being competitors, but like booking and agoda they're joined owned too.


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        Better to contact the hotel(s) directly...
        Can you imagine watching CNN on purpose?


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          Travelocity is a good site for hotels/flights/packages.


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            I always try to book direct with the hotel. I have always managed to get a cheaper rate than an online booking site which are just parasitic companies. They are just skimming off the top and the customer(us) eventually pays the extra. When I have mentioned to the hotel I saw them on a booking site but prefer to book direct, the hotels have given me an extra discount.


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              i like a room with a balcony


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                Should't surprise.