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Does anyone really like Florida?

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  • Does anyone really like Florida?

    Just asking.

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    I've enjoyed our trips down to Florida over the years but now that I've finally been freed from the guilt of working daily for the benefit of those on the grid the plan is to unload and head to Virginia!


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      Several years ago, when I was allowed to post on TD I did a Florida trip thread where we headed down the east coast, checked out the Kenedy Space Center, the beaches ect. Then drove as far as we could on the islands until there were none and we would have had to take a car fairy to the next one.
      Mertl Beach was awesome and I recall a guy with a rod and reel catching a stingray from a huge pier.
      We also toured the Ford and Edison mansions that were on a river leading to the gulf coast. I thought it was stunningly beautiful. .
      So yes, to answer the question I like Florida. Plus if you retire there they have tax advantages unlike my home state that can't keep it's dirty hands out of the peoples pockets.


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        I am free. I know it sounds like a song but I am finally free with the plan to move down to Vergina and start a small business. I will be liquidating all my property up north and heading south. No more power plants, and hopefully no more BS! I've had enough.
        Now if I could only figure out how to post a pic you would see Port Washington from the roof of the powerplant.


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