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Travel Locations Art in Seminyak Bali Indonesia

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  • Travel Locations Art in Seminyak Bali Indonesia

    Bali has a lot of appeal, in addition to the beautiful natural scenery there are also some of the unique tourist attractions and attract so many tourists who like to visit Bali. One of them is the elite tourist area of ​​Seminyak Bali Indonesia. tourist area this one is not only menawakan exotic natural beauty alone but also offer a lot of tourist attractions are unique and attractive. For you lovers of art and photography, can once tried to visit some place or an art gallery in Seminyak.

    In this Seminyak area, you can find some sites that smells of art. Here you can simply just enjoy the art, or can take pictures ria. Here are some of the tourist sites of art is unique and must be visited while in Seminyak.

    1. 3D Trick Art Gallery
    This place is one of the newest gallery in Seminyak. Here you can enjoy a wide range of painting tricks as 3D and you can be in the picture when photographed. You will not regret it and will definitely get a very interesting picture here.
    2. Kendra Gallery
    For you lovers of art, could once visited Kendra gallery and view a wide variety of unique paintings in the Gallery.
    3. Ordinary ArtSpace
    Seminyak has a place or an art gallery that is quite interesting and cool to visit one of them is the Ordinary of this Artspace. Gallery is also sometimes held a collective exhibition of Indonesian artists so for those of you who visit Seminyak obliged to visit this place.
    4. SuperHero Factory
    Want to beat your fears while exercising? SuperHero new factory was opened in 2015 and this could be the right place to visit. There are so many classes that you can follow to overcome your fear of heights etc example on.
    Well, for those of you who were in Seminyak Bali Indonesia, do not forget to visit these locations and get new experiences are unique and exciting.
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