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Fred - wandered around Indonesia

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  • Fred - wandered around Indonesia

    I recall a bridge - this one from below.
    (I'm starting with history from June 2012

    I've been posting photos of a bridge that hasn't fallen down yet.
    Today, I was feeling really indefatigable (Sorry George ) so I pushed the metaphorical boat out and walked down the river.
    I real boat would have been a far better idea as there was a very suspicious toilet style smell in there.
    I washed my legs after that jaunt.

    Anyway - The bridge from underneath.

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    The trains always have buskers. Some are terrible as this guy was.

    Some are younger than you'd expect.
    Yes; The lad at the bad has got a baby with him.
    Fair chance they have an adult forcing them to do it.


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      The bridge again.
      The surface is breaking up badly now but that isn't stopping overloaded trucks using it.

      I'm assured it's due to be repaired next month.

      However, they can always use smaller trucks but get the same stuff in them.


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          Poverty often means kids have to work.
          This kids sell traditional pottery. It's still in common use out here.
          Ruddy heavy to carry - You should have seen them straining as they walked.

          Then they sit at the side of the road, waiting for customers.


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            An unimpressive pile of rocks

            But it's going to get more interesting.

            Oh no - The bridge - Motorbikes are still using it and look at the state of it now!

            So are trucks!!!

            The pile of rocks are a safety feature so the workers are all safe from the nasty traffic.


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              They've finally closed the road to that duff bridge.

              With the state of it, I'm not as shocked as the fish in the post above.

              but bikes are still using it


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                No motorbikes now. The bridge is finally closed.
                Except for people walking over

                All the work is being done by hand

                It's pretty much stripped now.

                and preparing to rebuild


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                  Back to our beloved bridge.
                  This shows the way they're building the thing. Thick layers of concrete and loads of rebar.
                  Should be pretty strong.

                  The road is now laid but they still have to make the sides.


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                    The bridge is coming along nicely.

                    Of course, the road is still closed but people have found another route.

                    I've walked on that bridge - No way I would take a bike on it, much less a queue of them.


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                      The bridge is close to complete.
                      The guys are painting one side so it looks like the other.


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                        OK, so now you know the bridge lived another day, and is still up - I know this because I used it lst Sunday.
                        Should I carry on?



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                          Nice pics there Mr Fred.
                          Whats the main purpose of the bridge?


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                            Nice thread Fred. Notice the guys all had Asian Safety work boots on.


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                              Originally posted by MrBlobby View Post
                              Nice pics there Mr Fred.
                              Whats the main purpose of the bridge?
                              The bridge is the entrance to a group of small village roads, all about wide enough for two small cars.
                              Sadly, the town at the far end has a large vehicle restriction from morning until evening, so the lorries use the road to get past the traffic wardens, thus be able to travel during the day.
                              Last night I went to a market further up but the road was almost totally blocked by a bloody great big mobile crane that had absolutely no hope of getting past the market stalls.


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