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A Trip To Sangkhan Buri & Three Pagodas Pass

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  • A Trip To Sangkhan Buri & Three Pagodas Pass

    Took an overnight trip up highway #323 from Kanchanburi to the resort town of Sangkhan Buri & a quick side trip to Three Pagodas Pass this past weekend. Sorry, no pictures to post as I haven't a clue how to perform that function with this forum's software. But, the pics I did take were unremarkable at best.

    There's a huge reservoir there that's the result of a dam which flooded thousands of rai sometime in the past and the only items of interest - if you can call them that are three Buddhist Wats 1/2 under water stuck in the middle of this huge lake.

    We took a long-tailed boat ride out to see them - pretty fragile boats there and the life jackets on hand are testimony to these rather dangerous crafts. Skinned my leg getting into the damn thing and the seating was like on the floor of the boat! Don't know why I was talked into taking the boat ride - one hour of misery for 300 baht!

    Next day we drove 20 km up to the end of the road to Three Pagodas Pass. There are 2 casinos operating on the Burmese side and I wanted to cross over but was voted out by my traveling companions (all friends of the wife) who said they heard it's rather dodgy over there. Asked how can it be any more dodgy than the crappy casinos in Poipet or the real crappy one across from Chiang Saen in Laos? Didn't get an answer to that. Saved myself 500 baht border crossing fee and more wasted in a junky casino though.

    Three Pagodas Pass is nothing but the dead end of a pot-holed dirt road. Nothing scenic whatsoever. Heard it used to be a border run but seems like a very long way to go for that. The highway from Khao Laern ( #323) is well-maintained but massive switchbacks which makes one consider seasick pills to deal with the ride.

    If you haven't been up that way, it's worth the drive as there are many scenic waterfalls along the route.
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