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An Overnight Trip to Bumibol Dam

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  • An Overnight Trip to Bumibol Dam

    On the road again - this time for an overnight trip to Bumibol Dam Lake just north of Tak.

    A group of my wife's friends organized a party barge - the area is loaded with them and 40 brave souls including me & the missus were towed several km out to what's called "Valentines Island" where were were moored and the festivities began.

    Alcohol-fueled partiers commenced non-stop Karaoke and by the time midnight rolled around, this Farang was ready to find some cotton balls for is ears! Thankfully, the show ended soon after.

    Again, sorry, no pics. It was raining and rather dismal outside the 'craft' anyhow and inside, well, we've all seen and been there with this style of Thai partying - amiright?

    The huge lake behind the dam is rather scenic and this kind of entertainment isn't expensive - 500 baht per person with all meals (good ones) included.
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    Originally posted by markstone
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