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    Great stuff lads.

    Originally posted by Buadhai View Post
    As far as I can tell it's only elevated where it crosses over existing roads, where there is an interchange, or where there is no room to put it on the ground, such as along Lam Takhong.

    The photo I posted shows the interchange with Highway 204 (the Khon Kaen bypass near HomePro).

    The photo below was taken about a kilometer southwest of Si Mum in Korat.


    Here's a link to Google Maps on which you can see the spot where the photo was taken:
    Great shot and info. Cheers.

    It's surprising how much of this you see when out and about. Combined with the massive amount of BTS/SRT/MRT lines being done in Bkk, it's great to see how much effort Thailand is putting into its infrastructure. Even if it is other nations paying for it.


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      New rice. Near Ban Kham Talay Soh, Korat.

      new_rice.jpg -|- Out and About Thailand - A Photo Blog


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        Can you guess where it is?


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          I am down there somewhere!
          Just before I was stuck in mud up to my swing arm for 2hrs!


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            Originally posted by Jesus Jones View Post
            Can you guess where it is?
            A stool ? Possibly with a short legged falang chugging a beer on the other end.


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              Passed through Sukhotai last month and paid another visit to the ruins.



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                Cheers for the info. The hy down to BK is full of construction. So much money I wonder what will happen when the hy is completed. Maybe Korat will boom into a major ? centre.

                How your Swing arm is OK J LOL


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                  TizShe's birthday yesterday so we checked in to the Vivere Hotel in Alabang for a couple of nights.

                  We usually travel to beach resorts around the Philippines during our short staycations, but as the weather has been atrocious this week I'm glad we didn't.

                  This photo is the dining area for breakfast, during a brief break in the rain this morning.


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                    A very large mango from the garden.


                    Oh well. I tried.
                    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.


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                      A Mango?

                      Looks like some kinda prosthetic device?
                      God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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                        Originally posted by Bonglek View Post
                        A stool ? Possibly with a short legged falang chugging a beer on the other end.
                        It was Bangkok Immigration as I sat and waited for a ticket so I could get another ticket inside! It's the tape post. The uploaded image was crap. On the original, you can make out the roof of the building which would have given it away. Never thought to check. The drone image is pants too.

                        What a day. I was number 7 in the queue. Thinking I was all set for an early getaway, I forgot my report form. Drove back home, had a quick shower and left around lunch knowing they would be on lunch break. Parked the car and realized I had no shirt on other than a skin-tight undershirt. I looked a right twat walking around. Bought a 170bht job inside.
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                          From Trump basher land.

                          View from the houseimage1.jpg

                          Village is behind me and a friend pulling prawns



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                            Originally posted by Boon Mee View Post
                            A Mango?

                            Looks like some kinda prosthetic device?
                            Oh jeez booners.
                            Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.


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                              Nice Mango Norton, I have 2 trees full of them that big and my wife has been giving them away to neighbors as fast as she can. She says they are Mai Aroi but the neighbors love them. I tasted a few. They are bland but they do make good Somtam


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                                Its raining today so I thought I would swap the road tires back to the trail tires. Going to do some rain mud riding.

                                Of course the dogs wanted to watch and make it a tougher job dodging them.


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