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    What is wrong with the twat? If he wants to privately share his outing pics with his small band of bros, set up a Line group FFS.

    But no, he wants to broadcast them in public, as widely as possible, while control-freaking & trying to manipulate about who in the world can actually see them and have an opinion on it.

    What a horrible way to go through life - to be utterly desperate for maximum public attention & adulation, whilst being dribblingly thin skinned and paranoid about it not going exactly to plan.


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      the obnoxious little pinhead is history. he doesnt post here anymore. furrgetttabout him!

      i think i would rather die than live a groundhog day existence consisting of employment as a toady to ones superiors in an unsatisfying job, a fixed salary, and the stultifying suburban suppression of a "westernised" thai moobahn.

      its no wonder that people who exist in such bubbles of boredom end up as internet nutjobs using cheap provocation to gain attention and admission to a "gang" of equally deranged spittle drooling inadequates.

      their reality is so dull. fantasy becomes their only outlet.

      with predictable outcomes.


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        I couldn't give a rat's arse about the person, tax. It's the narcissistic personality disorder insight that's so valuable.

        The blatant fishing for narcissistic supply, the control freaking & manipulation, the paranoia, the bullying, the hypocrisy & double standards, the playing the victim, the vengeance-seeking rage, the gaslighting, the delusions, and the subconscious projection of it all.

        The human brain is the most amazing thing on this planet, and it going dreadfully wrong is among the most fascinating


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