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  • Daoism

    Interesting lecture

    Helps in understanding some of the time/space/identity contortions of modern life.

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    Originally posted by Pai Mei
    Interpretations and perspectives through conditioned Occidental backwardness, even if it is Alan Watts.

    Doesn't work.

    Try again, Earl.
    Suggesting that 'you' know what works then.

    I reckon 'you' know what causes you to dismiss the thoughtful observations of well spoken highly educated fellows like Alan Watts.

    How is the practiced art of 'Put Down Artist' working out for you?


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      My first introduction to Taoism is this book. You can hear the whole audiobook here. A simple way to learn about Taoism and cute story too!


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        Years ago, I used to love stories about old Taoist monks. My favourite was The Secret And Sublime by John Blofeld.
        When I first came to Thailand in 1987 I heard that he was living in Babgkok, so I lookerd up his phone number and called him to express my appreciation for that book. Unfortunately he had advanced throat cancer and couldn't talk for long, but mentioned it was from smoking.


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