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Rules and Legal Date of Cannabis Edibles in Ontario Just Announced

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    Originally posted by Dr Earl View Post
    Before Nixon's war on drugs crack-cocaine was virtually unknown..

    Along comes War on drugs Nixon, and the banning of ether sales. (ether a key ingredient for fine Peruvian ether-washed cocaine)
    The fine Peruvian cocaine was virtually a 'health-food' compared to crack-cocaine.
    I tried crack once and subsequently decided it be time to quit the biz.

    Crack is cheap and nasty refining of cocaine...

    Yup the war on drugs was a bust and bullshit where cops could have been fighting the real bad guys instead of combing the fields for plants.

    Anywayz, I actually smoked a joint tonight with a friend while we relaxed in a pool all day.. ja man, feeling delightfully relaxed and buzzed and my lungs don't hurt either. The thing with pot being legal here now is people smoke walking down the street.



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      Originally posted by vendetta4real View Post
      The thing with pot being legal here now is people smoke walking down the street.
      Lovely image that suggests!

      Sidewalks full of stoners with their phones in their hands walking into lamp poles texting "Far Out, Man"!
      Can you imagine watching CNN on purpose?


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        Zombie apocalypse


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          ^^ & ^ ... lmao...yeah, I don't appreciate it much either when I'm walking behind and get a whiff of skunk. I will smoke maybe once a year , and I don't really like the smell of it either as it comes wafting out of apts and down streets everywhere now.

          Apparently weed is the 'in' thing to do.. and selling a lot as well.

          Ontario cannabis sales more than doubled after stores started to open