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    ...fa la la la LA!...

    Christmas Cake Could Be Very Merry This Year: Cannabis Weekly
    By Kristine Owram (Bloomberg)

    Christmas is already a holiday that encourages over-indulgence, so why not throw a few pot edibles under the tree?

    Though the practice is unlikely to come anywhere close to April 20 -- better known as 4/20, a day pot users celebrate -- consumers do buy more pot products as the season approaches, figures show.

    Cannabis sales grew 15% in the lead-up to Christmas 2018 compared with the week before, according to U.S. data from cannabis analytics firm Headset Inc.An Enigma

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    Gives a whole new meaning to Hi-So...

    Welcome to Canada...


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      I have been experimenting with alcohol infusions - the BIL will get a surprise if he uninvitedly feeds on my liquor stock again while I'll be away.


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