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  • Polyglottery

    This map shows the most commonly spoken language in every US state, excluding English and Spanish

    Andy Kiersz and Ivan De Luce
    Jan 19, 2020, 12:45 AM

    Business Insider/Andy Kiersz, data from IPUMS

    • Americans speak a lot of languages.
    • Using individual-level census data, we found the most commonly spoken language at home other than English and Spanish in each state and Washington, DC.
    • German, French, and Vietnamese are common in several states.

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up on Monday, and America is getting ready to celebrate his mission of resistance to injustice and the creation of an America that is truly inclusive, welcoming, and fair to all who live here.

    One of the ways America shows its diverse culture is in the sheer number of languages spoken by the country's people. This map shows which languages other than English and Spanish are the most common in each state and Washington, DC.

    The US Census Bureau's American Community Survey annually asks more than 1 million Americans questions about their lives, families, and backgrounds. One question asks respondents what language they mainly speak in their homes.

    Using individual-level responses from the 2017 American Community Survey assembled and published by the Minnesota Population Center's Integrated Public Use Microdata Series program, we found the most common language spoken at home in each state, excluding English and Spanish.

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    I visited TC a few times as a guest but had to stop. It is a sickening place. - Aging One


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      since when was Chinese a language ?


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        Originally posted by Mid View Post
        since when was Chinese a language ?
        Obviously, derived from the subscribed Occidental ignorance.

        A supposed worldview that doesn't make the grade.


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