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  • New Zealand or Wales

    A mate working in the Cardiff office of a multinational has been offered a move to the Auckland office, same role and salary with relocation expenses paid, and asked me my opinion. I'm torn. Both decent cities surrounded by sea, mountains, and sheep. Which would you choose?

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    Only problem with NZ is the fat, lazy self entitled moaning Maori, apart from that it's 10x better than the UK.


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      Yeah there's something about Polynesians that seems to make them excessively fat fcuks at a young age.

      My mate is about to turn 50, a good age to be settling in NZ I'd say.


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        I have lived and worked in Auckland, this was over a decade ago. Would I return to the city? No. While it is a picturesque city with plenty of outdoor activities the traffic congestion is a real problem should you work in the CBD and live in the outer suburbs, If he's got a house a suburb or 2 distance from work that's a bonus

        A lot of Polynesians and Chinese and I found the whites rather false. Housing is expensive as well as petrol. However if he's into his rugby and/or cricket then it's an excellent place to follow those interests

        If you want to meet real New Zealanders you have to move outside of Auckland, the provincial cities and towns around NZ, the best place is the South Island


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