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Why are lawyers such disgusting people?

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  • Why are lawyers such disgusting people?

    Thinking back to a complex case I was involved in a year ago, the defendant didn't have a leg to stand on yet brought in a shifty lawyer to try to manipulate, mislead, obfuscate, stonewall, double-standard and gaslight the defendant out of accountability for its failings. They tried time and time again to bullshit their way through the proceedings despite me regularly telling them that it was futile, but thankfully the fairness of the UK justice system prevailed, and the defendant's £90,000 of legal costs were spent in vain.

    This toxic type of person, if not a lawyer, is instead a criminal, usually involved in fraud, scams, or mafia-type crime. Drown the lot of them at birth, I say.

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    Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
    Drown the lot of them at birth, I say.
    There's a lot of long hours and hard work if you want to succeed in the profession. If you are lazy or have no ambition then you're going to fall to the bottom of the pile rather quickly & work in a subordinate role like a legal assistant or legal secretary

    A colleague I know entered law school as an adult student not because of any real interest in law but more for the reason he had an over-inflated image of himself and saw the tag of being called a 'lawyer' too much to resist. Of course once he finished his studies he couldn't find a job as a lawyer, none of the big name companies would touch him, not even a suburban no-name practice. He is now one of these 'legal-assistants' for a bank. I had to laugh


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      I transferred from a law degree to finance at the end of the first year. I was scoring very well with the technical rigours of that first year but I didn't like what I was learning about the profession or the sort of people who join it. A lot of them are desk-based thugs / hired mental bouncers, there to sort out people's and organisations' messes often via psychological means such as intimidation, misrepresentation, misleading, deflection, denial, evasion, bullying, gaslighting, and a whole host of other unpleasant defence mechanisms that I didn't want to make a career out of.

      I guess if you're a sociopath you'll leap at the chance to make a living from what you do best....


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        I'm pondering whether, if I had to have become one or the other, I'd have chosen to be a lawyer or a surgeon. Both take a lot of study and training, as you say tinkles, and can be well paid, but they're probably the two jobs I'd most like to not have, as they're both sorting out shit that's gone wrong - surgeons dealing with blood and guts where health fails or there's been an accident, and lawyers cleaning up the mess caused by breaches of criminal and civil law and often dealing with some pretty unsavoury characters (not that most of them are any better themselves).

        I'm relieved that I chose finance and audit. Retired now though


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          Originally posted by Mr Tinkles View Post

          If you are lazy or have no ambition

          The Voice of Experience speaks...


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            Originally posted by Mr Tinkles View Post
            none of the big name companies would touch him, not even a suburban no-name practice. He is now one of these 'legal-assistants' for a bank. I had to laugh
            At least he didn't become an administrator in a developing world factory.

            I knew of one who used his full name to say how "miserable and disillusioned" he was with it all on an anonymous bodybuilding forum then quickly got it deleted when it got laughed at. He's rather sensitive, so he'll probably be along here sooner or later with an off-topic, ad--hominem, table-turning-attempt sneer or three
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              I get the impression that lawyers see themselves as predators at the top of the food chain. I guess such grandiose delusions are necessary to deny away their parasitical vulture reality.


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                They make money from it, capiche? Their future prosperity is assured by being disgusting people. No point hanging the lawyers really, low hanging fruit. Change the system.


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                  I guess hundreds of years ago when court systems first developed all parties represented themselves. Then just like hiring a thug bodyguard, those who were determined to win /protect themself sent paid representatives who were more skilled at psychological manipulation, and a new type of career was born.

                  The problem is, that removes common decency and fairness and causes legal proceedings to descend into unpleasant psychological warfare / wars of attrition.


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                    One of the worst parts of being a lawyer must be that it's your responsibility to become the hostile, stern, confidence-bluffing face of whoever it is that's paying you. What a foking grim way to make a living, which must play havoc with one's mental health.

                    I remember in the case I mentioned in the OP I managed to get a disclosure order issued against the defendant, and their lawyer went ballistic - not explicitly showing it of course, but reading between the lines of their whining victim-playing objections to it submitted to the court was hilarious, because they knew that as I'd gained legal access to the dodgy docs they'd spent months trying to hide from me, they were foked
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                      Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
                      I'd have chosen to be a lawyer or a surgeon.
                      Not teaching English in McDonald's for free food?


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                        I'm still amazed at the audacity of the party I beat. To the bitter end they refused to admit their mistakes, and it cost them dearly. Some people are so up their own arses they can't see things that they get wrong, and they hide behind lawyers to try to protect their ego.