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Will westerners on work permits be kicked out of Thailand?

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  • Will westerners on work permits be kicked out of Thailand?

    With this in today's news

    Thailand may lose up to 14.4 million jobs in the second and third quarters, largely because of the coronavirus outbreak and widespread drought, says the government’s planning unit.
    meaning one heck of a lot of professional office staff are going to become unemployed, why would Thailand allow firms including BOI to carry on employing foreigners? I see a mass culling ahead as work permit renewals become due.

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    A few are putting on a brave face. I doubt many teflers got paid since schools closed. I read theres a lot of filipinos hungry in the Nonthaburi area

    a lot of teflers having parties end of july if schools open on schedule


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      I don't think all TEFLers will be culled as there aren't enough Thais with great English skills willing to work for those crap salaries. I think the main targets will be the several thousand Westerners with office jobs, mostly in Bangkok but elsewhere too. With hundreds if not thousands of businesses going bust you're going to have a huge number of highly educated Thai professionals needing jobs, and any company wanting to employ foreigners instead is going to face extremely tough if not impossible criteria.

      That includes BOI in my opinion which have always had things easier in order to encourage them to set up in Thailand but once set up they're very unlikely to go to the expense of relocating out of Thailand simply because they're told they have to replace their foreigners with Thais.


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        The idle slackers who spend their working hours on social media, will be weeded out - about time.
        “Don’t get sick of me just yet, for I will be here for quite a while”


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          Yep apparently any foreigner who wasn't crucial was weeded out following the 1997 crash. There are very few jobs in Thailand that can't be done by a Thai these days, and multinationals posting westerners into the country is becoming much less common.

          With perhaps tens of thousands of highly educated and experienced Thai professionals about to be on the jobs market (I know of one, a head of legal at a hotel chain which seems unlikely to survive) having "We don't want a Thai running our office or have to deal with one every day, so we need a whitey overseer" pleaded isn't likely to go down too well with work permit officials.
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            So tougher job for these whitey overseers to get a work permit


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              Wiki sums up the role well


              On larger plantations an overseer represented the planter in matters of daily management. Usually perceived as uncouth, ill-educated, and low-class, he had the difficult and often despised task of middleman and the often contradictory goals of fostering both productivity and the wellfare of the enslaved work-force.[66]


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                A Brit I know has lost his maths teaching job to a Filipino paid half his salary.


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                  ^ Add to that too pricey to fly home, no pay the last few months, a lot of teachers at their wits end


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                    The second of three long-term expats working in Thailand (office-based) that I know just told me that she's being made redundant.


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