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Always ask for discount .

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  • Always ask for discount .

    My dear old market trader dad always kept telling me that only fools pay the asking price . When he was buying some thing no matter where, he would do his best to get a price reduction . I know he came unstuck once when he was arrested in Woolworths for arguing with a west indian lady cashier who would not give him a bit off on his bag of pick ‘n’ mix sweets.

    Here in Thailand his ‘’ always ask for discount ‘’ mantra has stuck with me and even today I nearly always as for a discount on most things I buy .

    Any one else do the same and ask for some thing off the price ...... or don’t you bother

    Don’t you ever feel down in the dumps when you look in a mirror I know I do

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    Weird topic. If you always ask for discount then whoever you're buying from will automatically inflate the price so they can then discount it back to its original price and make you happy. You achieve nothing other than wasting everyone's time.


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      It's no different to idiots who'll think it's a great bargain to pay 750 baht for a Nike t-Shirt because it's reduced from 1500 baht when an identical t-shirt without the brand name on costs 300 baht standard price.


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