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What was your first vehicle

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  • What was your first vehicle

    Over the years Ive owned a range of cars and pickups but the one that sticks in my mind was my first one .

    I learnt to drive and took my driving test in an Austin 1100 Mark 2 but the first car I owned which my father gave to me was a Ford Capri MK2 3.0 Ghia Automatic .

    Its colour was a dark metallic green and had beige leather seats with a go faster stripe down each side of the car . I can fondly recall the exhaust burbling sound the Capri made when idling and the instant acceleration of the 3.0 Lt engine when I put my foot down. Sadly not long after I had the car it was stolen and never recovered , I think it ended up being stripped down in some back street scrap yard for parts.

    So what was your first vehicle 🚗

    This is like my Ford Capri MK2 3.0 Ghia Automatic .


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  • #2 you're in your early 70's and your first car, given to you by you dad, was produced between '74 - 78 putting you at the earliest in your 30's!?

    Cool story.


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      ^So we have another fat liar here at TC. Go figure.

      Is there a sign out front? “Only Accepting Fat Boring Liars”

      Originally posted by Rocco View Post
      What was your first vehicle
      So what was your first ever car:

      You might want to consider the wonderful search engine here at TC before posting about a subject already posted and add to it, unless you’re just trying to draw attention to your(boring)self.

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