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  • Self-Defense thread

    We'll start off with the self-defense move for an opponent's One-Handed Grab.

    More to come.

    We must always be prepared.

    LWO Community strong!

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    Here you go. Bet there are a bunch of Thai men that want their pecker back from the Pee king duck. But that happens when you're sleeping.......around.


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      If someone were to grab me I would put my hands up. You know, like hands up don't shoot. Palms open fingers spread wide.

      This would maybe give me a second to clench both fists with the right, my dominant hand, heading down fast for the chin. No pun intended. While simultaneously the left to the temple. No not Vat Phou. The one next to the right eye.

      With any luck this should turn out the lights long enough for me to skate away into the light of a new day.


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