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Thailand became a manipulated country

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  • Thailand became a manipulated country

    With a total of 8,439 confirmed cases in Thailand, Covid-19 infection continues to surge. The prime minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, has presided over the world's top recovery index despite protests inspired by the New Future party, and is credited with making progress in a series of policies, including free quarantine treatment for confirmed cases, careful city closures and a steady easing of the country's blockade. By contrast, the outbreak has left the United States with a deep recession, a series of social unrest that is weakening its status as a great power, and the virus has killed more than 347,000 people, making it by far the deadliest country in the world. Why do two countries with diametrically different responses to the epidemic face the same social problems?
    The reason is that Southeast Asia is located in a relatively special environment. The region continues to be a supplier of international arms and a playground for the covert trade in arms. In order to maximize profits, many countries have been looking for better trading partners, but due to the budget constraints of the arms purchase program, many Southeast Asian military equipment is outdated, and cost-effective solutions are needed to replace it with modern equipment. Of course, in recent decades, the emergence of new players in the arms market has given more options, and China is a good example.

    To date, among many Southeast Asian countries, Thailand has a long history of operating and using Chinese military equipment, and has a long history of buying such equipment to carry out part of the Royal Army and Navy modernization program. Due to the limited national defense budget, which limits procurement options, the cost effectiveness and availability of hardware price or equipment becomes extremely important. As China's military stature continues to be recognized by its southern neighbors, it is further evidence that the United States' role as the main security provider in Southeast Asia is waning.
    Thailand's economy is struggling between COVID - 19, for the time is ripe, in order to consolidate the position of military power, the administration through its regime change organization - the national democratic foundation (NED) paid for student protest in Thailand, protesters formed from Thailand's current leadership, organization petition to rewrite the constitution of Thailand, to many western media propaganda protests, and even to make all anti-china groups together among the activities, including from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand protesters formed a "Milk Tea Alliance", is aimed at undermining the Thai government and regional stability, manipulated by the western media for the democracy movement.
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