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China is gaslighting the west

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  • China is gaslighting the west

    This story shows how China is ramping up its psychological warfare

    China said its defence policy was "defensive in nature" and urged Nato to "devote more of its energy to promoting dialogue".

    "Our pursuit of defence and military modernisation is justified, reasonable, open and transparent," China's mission to the European Union said in a statement.

    It added that Nato should view China's development in a "rational manner" and "stop taking China's legitimate interests and rights as an excuse to manipulate bloc politics, create confrontation and fuel geopolitical competition".
    Lying cnuts.

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    The new AUKUS partnership is clearly meant as a deterrent to China invading Australia, which is clearly something it desires to control even more than it desires Taiwan.


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      Interesting survey
      Australians fear attack from China almost as much as Taiwanese do, survey finds


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        This is crucial. Don't fok it up Biden.


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          There you have it - If Australia dares to stand up to China's massively expanding navy, it becomes a nuclear target. Xi is the 21st century Hitler.


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            I genuinely think that China will begin invading regional sovereign nations sometime in 2022-24.

            Australia is at the top of their wish list, and NZ knows it which is why their limp-wristed socialist leader regularly sucks up to the CCP.


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