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Is Aging One a pedo?

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    And I suspect butterfly will respond to your command with a middle finger


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      Where's the first post?

      A girl I dated in my early 20s was sexually abused by her father, an army colonel, from the age of 10 to 13, as were her two older sisters. I thought it was horseshit when she first told me, but when I went to a family gathering at her mother's place (divorced) all 4 of them openly mentioned it. None had wanted to press charges.

      There is no ethical way of testing the prevalence of peds in the world, but there are undoubtedly many many millions.


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        Originally posted by TAXEXILE View Post
        It should not be forgotten that pissflaps, the 50. y.o. retarded "family man" and forum addict accusing fluke of breaking the law is also the sick stalking nonce who stripped to his underpants, bent over in front of a mirror, took a selfie and posted it on a beefcake forum in a pathetic attempt to attract the attention of a young teenager, maybe a male.

        unvaccinated, at risk, and marooned in a third world shithole during a raging pandemic with no chance of getting out, the future looks dismally bleak for him.

        we can at least take comfort from that.
        Originally posted by Mr Tinkles View Post
        rAnt disappered last night to go watch his team beat up a small south pacific Island in the rugby, all the while lamenting how his "semi-professional" rugby career never got past being the half-time orange boy

        kingwillie turned on by the subject nature of this thread went off to watch a video of himself being sucked off on stage at a ladyboy bar in NEP at the same time pondering how he will handle the humiliation when it comes out why he was thrown out of Thailand
        I see the forum addicted OAP and Drunky The Lonely Clown had exciting and fulfilling weekends!


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          Originally posted by Ergenburgensmurgen View Post
          I, an abusive stalking forum addicted loser, salary thief and shit parent who spent my Saturday afternoon lashing out on here, had an exciting and fulfilling Sunday desperately sitting on my hands just so I could sneer at those that didn't!
          Well done rAnt, those meds can evidently keep you on a leash for an entire day.

          Next, try two days ​​​​​​​


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            Hypervigilantly monitored, spotted, and screaming at again..................isn't it.


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              ^I think they missed you this past weekend
              Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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                Originally posted by S Landreth View Post
                ^I think they missed you this past weekend
                Sure seems that way!

                Clearly not much else going on in their 'lives'.


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                  Originally posted by Ergenburgensmurgen View Post

                  Sure seems like I'm deluding myself that I wasn't posting on this thread throughout a 7 hour period on Saturday because I'm a good parent!

                  Clearly not much else going on in my 'life' than trying to project it away.
                  Such a moron


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                    Originally posted by socal

                    Almost as much as he misses Fluke


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                      Originally posted by socal

                      Almost as much as he misses Fluke
                      Indeed. Its sole reason for joining this forum was to hurl abuse at those it used to hurl abuse at on TD.

                      It's dependant on multi-forum bullying to drag itself through each day. Once its targets no longer give it the attention it needs, such as Boommee and Fluke, it compulsively moves on to new targets. Looks like you're one of them ^


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               has started screaming at me again, hasn't it.


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                          ^^ Indeed.
                          I watched in horrified this slowly developed on TD after Socal came back.


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                            Muttpack 101



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                              Originally posted by serrollt
                              He does not have any such addiction, but he has twin daughters, as you well know.
                              Pack it in, Butts, it really isn't funny in any way.
                              I didn't say he was an incest pedo FFS, just his strange obsession with teenager twin porn and how he denies it
                              Last edited by Butterfly; 07-20-2021, 09:21 PM.


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                                Yeah, around the same time, Ant didn't post at all for an entire year, but did send repo....mostly reds, I think. I didn't have any issues with him then. I think he was posting as a multi, but not sure who.

                                But let's not talk about the creep anymore, eh ? I now have it on IGNORE on this forum


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