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    3rd TC poster review

    Still no evidence from some TC posters who don’t live here (even part-time) and what their plans might be to visit Thailand.

    Towards the end of November now and Thailand has been open to foreign visitors. However, there is another TC poster who is a fat angry lying unemployed loser which has no meaningful achievements or talents and has been a burden to society and likes to exaggerates, a lot.

    One of the many exaggerations are the trips it says it takes outside of the dark dank country it lives in.

    That poster is Smeg/Arthur Daley/Nitcha/tim

    A review of why it doesn’t travel

    worthwhile holidays Smeg/Arthur Daley/Nitcha/tim never goes on and the reason why.

    Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
    03-08-2020 Heading here tomorrow.


    Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
    09-01-2021 Back on topic, as Malaysia has screwed my plans to return there on the MM2H, which is currently the best country in Asia to spend the next year or two of retirement in, once travel restrictions end?


    Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
    09-03-2021 Still waiting though


    Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
    I'm interested in Asia's value for money sweetspots.


    Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
    and is about 25% cheaper for many things.


    Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
    liveable city, it's cheaper.

    A little about the MM2H visa

    Under the new regulations, those intending to apply for the programme must prove liquid assets worth between RM500,000 and RM1.5mil depending on their age.

    They must also have a monthly offshore income of at least RM40,000 (about 9,600.00 US dollars) compared to RM10,000 previously. Additionally, they must stay a minimum of 90 days in the country per year.

    Smeg/Arthur Daley/Nitcha never goes on any worthwhile holidays or will spend “the next year or two of retirement in” because it has never held a long-term job and it’s cheap (“money sweetspots., 25% cheaper, it's cheaper”).

    Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
    Nitcha right for contributing 712 posts of travel pics etc


    Can anyone show me a handful of threads started by Smeg/Arthur Daley/Nitcha/tim on a worthwhile holiday (with pictures not taken from the net) on any of the three forums we know the unemployable loser will post/posted on?

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      November 25, 2021 - Everything you need to know about traveling to Thailand

      Thailand, one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, has been slow to reopen to visitors.

      Now, after various reopening experiments, the Southeast Asian nation is welcoming fully vaccinated travelers from 63 approved countries, including the United States, to visit quarantine-free under a program called Test and Go. Children under 12 traveling with parents don't need to be vaccinated to enter.

      The 15 months without international tourism gave Thai people the opportunity to have the country to themselves, said Bangkok local Tasara Taksinapan, who works in the travel industry.

      "I went to temples around Thailand I wouldn't normally go to because they were touristy and crowded," Taksinapan said.

      As tourism has not fully returned, "it would be the perfect time to visit Thailand right now while everything's still fresh and not too busy," he added.

      Here's what travelers need to know to plan a trip to Thailand.

      - What you need to enter Thailand

      Through the Test and Go program, there are a few steps vaccinated travelers need to take before heading to Thailand. They need to purchase an insurance policy that covers at least $50,000 in coronavirus treatment, and they must book a one-night package at a government-approved hotel that includes private transportation and a PCR test on arrival.

      "Just as an example, the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is one of those hotels, so our clients can stay in the most luxurious and comfortable hotels while getting over jet lag and waiting for the result," Desiree Overhage, an adviser for BookHuman.Travel, said in an email.

      A warning: Double-check that the room purchase includes transportation and testing. Some hotels and websites have deceived Test and Go travelers, resulting in visitors being forced to buy a new package or get sent home.

      Travelers will have to upload their documents, including their vaccination proof and accommodations, to the Thailand Pass system, which provides a QR code.

      Marion Walsh Hedouin, a spokesperson for Minor Hotels, which operates the Anantara and Avani hotels in Thailand, said the Thailand Pass can be a challenge for travelers who apply at the last minute. Because of the current spike in demand, it may take seven days to get the code.

      Before boarding, passengers must present to the airline proof of a negative coronavirus test taken within 72 hours of departure. Upon arrival, they will present the Thailand Pass QR code and then be taken via the pre-arranged transportation to the property for their on-site PCR test.

      Visitors must then wait for a negative result at the hotel, and once that clears, they are free to go. They will receive an antigen test kit to use on day six or seven of the trip and will log the result into the MorChana tracing app.

      Foreigners who aren't fully vaccinated are not eligible for Test and Go. Instead, they must follow rules for the Alternative Quarantine program and stay in a pre-booked, government-approved hotel for a 10-day quarantine after arrival, among other restrictions.

      As with everything in the pandemic, restrictions evolve. "By the time someone travels, whether that's December or February, we anticipate that things may change as well - hopefully for the better," said Jeffrey Krevitt, a spokesman for Inside Travel Group, which operates InsideAsia Tours.

      - What to know about restrictions

      Once in Thailand, travelers won't be asked to show their vaccination status at tourism sites and businesses, but there are some changes compared to visiting before the pandemic.

      "There are not many restrictions," Taksinapan said. "It's about 80 percent back to normal."

      Everyone in Thailand is required to wear a mask indoors and outdoors in public settings. Tourists are already drawing attention for breaking the rule, which comes with a fine of about $600.

      According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), entertainment venues such as bars and karaoke spots remain closed. But most businesses and activities in the country's "Blue Zone" destinations, such as Bangkok and Phuket, have reopened with normal hours; restaurants, markets, theaters, scuba diving, massage facilities and spas are among the places and activities that are operating.

      "You can go out and about the city, catch a taxi, go to a museum and restaurant, travel to Chiang Mai," Hedouin said. "The only thing which might be different than perhaps other countries right now is when you're outdoors you must wear a mask."

      As for the country's famed street food, "it's definitely here," Taksinapan said. "There's maybe even more than before."

      - Where to get a coronavirus test before returning home

      At this time, anyone aged 2 and older must take a coronavirus test to fly into the United States, regardless of vaccination status. Vaccinated Americans have a three-day window to get their test before their flight, and unvaccinated travelers must get their test within one day of their flight. Those who have recovered from a case of covid-19 in the past 90 days can provide a note from a licensed health-care provider.

      Taksinapan said travelers shouldn't have trouble finding a coronavirus test in Thailand. Rapid and PCR tests that fulfill U.S. testing requirements can be arranged at local hospitals, and they range in price from 1,500 Thai baht (about $45) to upwards of 4,000 baht ($120). Some hotels in the country offer special packages that include coronavirus testing.

      Alternatively, travelers can pack an approved self-test, like this BinaxNOW kit, ahead of time.

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        Travel agents urge state to delay new fee

        A new fee to be imposed on international tourists should be postponed until the travel industry fully recovers, as the country faces headwinds during this high season, according to the Association of Thai Travel Agents (Atta).

        Atta president Sisdivachr Cheewarattanaporn said that since Thailand's reopening on Nov 1, there had been 3,000-4,000 international tourists per day on average. However, the tourism market's confidence is not strong as many countries in Europe, the main target for this high season, are facing a resurgence of Covid-19 infections.

        Meanwhile, the compulsory RT-PCR test upon arrival, which is still priced differently to origin countries such as India, which prices the test at only 250-400 baht, might deter tourists as many countries are ramping up their own tourism recovery plans by loosening entry restrictions for inbound travellers.

        Atta secretary-general Adith Chairattananon said the fee for the tourism transformation fund, which the Tourism and Sports Ministry would like to start collecting next year, should be implemented when international markets are more stable.

        Tourism operators also want the government to clarify the objectives and mechanisms of the fund management, such as who will benefit from the fund and what types of tourism project developments are the main targets for the financial aid.

        Mr Adith also suggested the government establish a budget early on, and ensure the transparency of the project by including the private sector on the fund committee.

        He said that after one month of reopening, most of Thailand's tour operators haven't benefited from the scheme as the entry rules only require hotel operators to handle airport transfers and provide Covid-19 tests and accommodation.

        However, the Tourism Ministry has already asked the Foreign Ministry to include tour operators in the Thailand Pass system to provide travellers with more choices, as the operators can help facilitate tourists during their entry process from the airport to hotels.

        Mr Adith said tour operators also have strong customer bases and overseas networks, which could support tourists who face inconvenience during their applications or entry processes.

        The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration will today consider further relaxation of the second phase of reopening from Dec 1, which may replace RT-PCR tests with antigen test kits for arrivals.:

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          Tourism operators also want the government to clarify the objectives and mechanisms of the fund management, such as who will benefit from the fund and what types of tourism project developments are the main targets for the financial aid.
          Good luck with that one!

          Originally posted by Ergenburgensmurgen;n186588
          What are you talking about, I don't post on Teakdoor.


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            Travellers can enter Thailand by sea and land from December 24th

            The Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) decided today (Friday) to allow travellers to enter Thailand by sea and land, in addition to current access by air. The north-eastern province of Nong Khai, bordering the Lao PDR, will be the first overland entry point to reopen on December 24th, according to CCSA spokesman Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin.

            To enter Thailand via a seaport, travellers are required to be fully inoculated, have passed an RT-PCR test within the 72 hours prior to departure or since their last port of call, to have no infections among passengers and crew on the same vessel and have “Thailand Pass” registration before arrival.

            Travellers under the “Test and Go” program will be exempted from quarantine and from providing proof of hotel bookings. “Sandbox” program travellers will have to stay at a hotel in the “sandbox” area for five days and have proof of SHA+ booking payments.

            Dr. Taweesin said children under 6, who are accompanied by their parents, will not be subject to RT-PCR tests, but their parents must have negative results from RT-PCR tests taken within the 72 hours prior to travel and will be required to take rapid antigen tests upon arrival.

            For Thais who want to travel abroad and need a vaccine passport, he said the CCSA has approved the use of the “Mor Prom” application to apply for the document online.

            According to the CCSA, 104,065 foreign and Thai travellers entered Thailand between November 1st and 25th under the “Test and Go”, “sandbox” and quarantine programs. Of these, 135 or 0.13% were found to be infected with COVID-19.:

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              Airlines notified of Thailand’s restrictions on travellers from 8 African countries

              The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has notified all airlines about the Thai government’s travel restrictions, including the entry ban on travellers from eight African countries now facing, or at risk of facing, the spread of the new coronavirus variant, known as Omicron.

              The countries are Botswana, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

              Omicron infections have also been detected in Hong Kong, Israel, Belgium and, most recently, in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

              According to the CAAT’s restrictions, travellers from the eight African nations, who have already been already granted entry permits, will be allowed to enter the country if they arrive before November 30th, but will be required to enter state quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, regardless of whether the permits were granted under “Test and Go” or “sandbox” programs.

              From December 1st, arrivals from these countries will be prohibited from entering Thailand, even if they were issued with permits under “Thailand Pass” system. All entry permits already issued will become invalid and no more entry permits will be granted to citizens from the eight countries until further notice.

              Travellers from other African countries, who have already received entry permits, can enter Thailand until December 14th. After this date they will be required to enter state quarantine for 14 days.

              The CAAT also asked all airlines flying to Thailand to intensify the screening of their passengers, especially those travelling from the eight African countries, and to inform them of the travel restrictions in Thailand.:

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                Omicron will not affect reopening, says Phiphat

                Thailand will not take a step back from the reopening plan despite uncertainty over the Omicron variant and the Tourism and Sports Ministry will also propose more relaxation on alcohol sales from the afternoon to lift the festive sentiment.

                "Nobody wants another border closure as it was really difficult for us to reopen the country. Our economy still suffers from the crisis, so there will be no more border seals unless we are in a very critical situation," said Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Tourism and Sports Minister.

                He said international travellers during the first 29 days of reopening numbered over 100,000, which doubled from three months of the Phuket sandbox. The figures proved that a quarantine-free strategy is the right way to attract tourists.

                As the country recorded 200,000 tourists in the first 11 months, the ministry expected 300,000-400,000 tourists would visit Thailand by year-end, thanks to the winter season.

                However, the plan to replace RT-PCR tests with antigen test kits for the Test and Go scheme from Dec 16 has to be postponed until there is more clarity on the Omicron variant to prevent possible caseloads of over 20,000 per day as seen during the recent wave.

                "We have to accelerate the vaccination plan for residents which could help guard ourselves against the possible new wave. By December, our country will complete 110-120 million doses for the entire population and such protection will at least avoid severe conditions for those who are infected," said Mr Phiphat.

                The number of vaccines required for the tourism industry is approximately 3.5 million doses, of which 3 million were requested by the Tourism Council of Thailand. The ministry will coordinate with the Public Health Ministry to allocate booster jabs for tourism employees as soon as possible.

                Mr Phiphat said he will discuss with the cabinet today about allowing the sale of alcohol in blue zone areas until after midnight during year-end celebrations and unlocking sales from 2-5pm as the current rules don't permit booze sales during those hours.

                The proposal will be submitted to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration for approval.

                Mr Phiphat said the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will organise countdown events in five regions including Ayutthaya, Nakhon Ratchasima, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Chonburi with a budget of 100-120 million baht, focusing on supporting local artists.

                TAT governor Yuthasak Supasorn said the new variant hasn't affected travel sentiment so far.

                However, the European market has started to see slow bookings in December due to concern over another lockdown triggered by the spread of the new variant.

                But if there's no threat from Omicron, the number of international arrivals this year should reach 500,000.:

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                  Update to Covid-19 vaccine guide for travellers to Thailand

                  The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) on Monday provided an update to guide to Covid-19 vaccines for international travellers to Thailand effective from December 16, 2021.

                  International travellers, including returning Thais and foreign residents, who are above 18 years of age should get fully vaccinated for Covid-19 with a vaccine approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) or the World Health Organisation (WHO) no less than 14 days before their travel date.

                  Travellers 12-17 years of age, travelling with parents under the Test & Go entry scheme and Sandbox Programme, are not required to be vaccinated but must have a negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours before travelling. Those unaccompanied must get vaccinated with at least one dose of an approved vaccine and must have a negative RT-PCR test result.

                  Travellers 6-11 years of age, travelling with parents under the Test & Go entry scheme and Sandbox Programme, must have a negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours before travelling.

                  Travellers under 6 years of age, travelling with parents with a negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours before travelling, are not required to have a pre-arrival negative RT-PCR test result and can have saliva test when entering the Kingdom.

                  Travellers previously infected within 3 months before travelling must have a medical certificate of recovery or get vaccinated with at least one dose of an approved vaccine for an unspecified period of time before travelling.

                  List of approved Covid-19 vaccines

                  Currently, the MoPH has approved the following manufacturers and vaccines:

                  CoronaVac by Sinovac Biotech Ltd – 2 doses needed / 2-4-week interval;
                  AstraZeneca or Covishield by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, SK Bioscience (South Korea), Siam Bioscience, and Serum Institute of India (Covishield) – 2 doses needed / 4-12-week interval;
                  Pfizer–BioNTech or Comirnaty by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech 2 doses needed / 3-week interval;
                  Janssen or Janssen/Ad26.COV2.S by Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. – 1 dose needed;
                  Moderna by Moderna Inc. – 2 doses needed / 4-week interval);
                  Sinopharm or COVILO by Sinopharm Co., Ltd. – 2 doses needed / 3-4-week interval);
                  Sputnik V by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology – 2 doses needed – 3-week interval).

                  Meanwhile, the WHO’s guidance on the Covid-19 vaccines is available here.

                  Have you been fully vaccinated?

                  According to the MoPH, travellers are considered fully vaccinated if:

                  They get their second dose of a 2-dose vaccine; such as, the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines, no less than 14 days before their travel date to Thailand.
                  They get a single-dose vaccine; such as, Janssen vaccine, no less than 14 days before their travel date to Thailand.
                  In case of mix-and-match vaccines, travellers should get their second dose of a different vaccine within the recommended interval of the first vaccine no less than 14 days before their travel date to Thailand. For example, if the first vaccine is CoronaVac from Sinovac Biotech and the second vaccine is AstraZeneca, the time between the two doses is 2-4 weeks.
                  Travellers who do not meet these criteria may be denied entry into Thailand.

                  Requirements for the ‘Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination’

                  The travellers’ Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination should contain the following details:

                  Given name and last name;
                  Date of Birth;
                  Passport or Identification No.;
                  Name of the Covid-19 vaccine;
                  Vaccination dates;
                  Vaccine manufacturer and lot/batch number;
                  Authorised organisation in the country of origin.

                  In addition to being fully vaccinated, international travellers should have all of their advance arrangements in good order for arrival and entry. For more information on Thailand’s reopening programmes, see:


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                    Antigen testing for visitors in doubt as Omicron variant spreads

                    The government is considering suspending the decision to replace RT-PCR tests with antigen testing for air travellers following the emergence of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha said on Monday.

                    Mr Sathit said at Government House the decision to move to antigen testing was made to facilitate the entry of visitors at designated airports, to boost the tourism sector.

                    The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration on Friday approved a Public Health Ministry proposal to allow travellers from 63 eligible countries and territories to undergo antigen testing, instead of RT-PCR, from Dec 16.

                    Travellers subject to RT-PCR testing have to quarantine overnight at a hotel while awaiting the result. Antigen testing takes only hours and visitors would be allowed to proceed to their destinations if the result is negative.

                    The deputy minister said RT-PCR would be more effective than antigen testing in keeping the Omicron variant out of Thailand.

                    Apisamai Srirangson, a spokewoman for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, said the CCSA’s decsion on Friday to replace RT-PCR tests with antigen tests might change, now the Covid-19 situation is changing.

                    Travellers from eight countries in southern Africa will be denied enty from Dec 1 in a bid to keep Thailand free of the variant.

                    Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow said Omicron would not spoil the reopening of the country. African countries were not on the list of 63 countries and territories that Thailand allowed entry without mandatory 14-day quarantine.

                    The government would assess the situation in two or three weeks, including the decision to allow in travellers from more countries without quarantine.:

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                      RT-PCR test requirement on arrival in Thailand to remain in place

                      The RT-PCR COVID-19 test requirement upon arrival in Thailand will remain in place in light of the emergence of the new “Omicron” COVID-19 variant in many countries, the Thai cabinet announced today (Tuesday). This decision negates the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration’s announcement, issued last week, saying that antigen tests will be used from December 16th.

                      The switch to antigen test kits (ATKs) was meant to reduce the waiting time for people arriving from specified countries, both Thai returnees and foreign visitors. The quarantine wait for fully vaccinated arrivals to get tested has, in fact, been about a day or half a day in a pre-booked certified hotel.

                      According to Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha, the Thai authorities are monitoring the Omicron variant more closely, especially regarding air travel. He expressed confidence that, should the variant, which has been categorised as “of concern” by the World Health Organization (WHO), make its way into Thailand through formal points of entry, it can be traced and tracked. If, however, it arrives with those who cross borders illegally, then it will be hard to do so.

                      With this in mind, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has instructed border security officials to be more stringent and has said that any negligence will lead to penalties.

                      First detected in South Africa, Omicron has now been found also in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK.:

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