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Tell us about the weirdest farang you have met

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  • Tell us about the weirdest farang you have met

    There is a German farang living in Surin that is missing his hand. He is often seen walking around our village in shorts and sandals and no shirt wearing 2 pounds of Buddha amulets around his neck. The guy is up in the morning giving food and praying on his knees to the monks that come by and the rest of the day he spends drinking and working building stuff in a tin shed. He lives alone, does not have a vehicle, air conditioning or a Thai wife. When rice season hits, he helps farmers harvest their crops. If you have talk to him he goes into a loud tirade about how rude all the farangs in Thailand are and how he hates talking to them. He is the rude one, however!

    Have you met any weird farangs during your time in Thailand?

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    I actually met this guy once. He was building stereo speakers that were in rocks and other nature related boxes.


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      Most of them are weird in their own way, been a bit strange myself when I lived in the middle of nowhere drinking LaoKao, chewing betelnuts and the internet was the only window to the world.


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        Never met a weird one. All quite normal.

        Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.


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          Is that the street preacher that was punched in the nose a few years back?


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            Couldn't say.....

            Don't associated with such a class [Farang].


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              What class do you associate with?


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                Any of them that relocate to Thailand in their 20s i.e. before they have established themselves in their birth country, and then don't want to leave.

                Reminds me of katoeys, but instead of wanting to completely change a body they think they should not have been born into they want to completely change their environment.
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