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How is Thailand presently?

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    I think Panama Hat may be onto something. Yesterday Tamarind was laying in the same spot but with his tail resting over the metal rail, as if to taunt the BTS security.


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      Originally posted by WorldNomad View Post
      I haven't been to Thailand in a year and so much has been happening. How is the economy doing? Do you think less tourists are going to Thailand this year because of the coup? I'm just wondering if it is a good time to visit again in the near future or for me to go elsewhere. Ta
      Economy- depressed. Tourism- way down. Annual arrivals/transits thru' swampy down by around 2 mill. Mood- somewhere between depressive and in limbo.
      Probably a good time to visit if you like bargains and not too many punters around. Thailand remains as safe as ever. Not so good if you like big crowds and buzz.


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