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BKK bomber was muslim. Apologist coverup

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    Originally posted by Delayed View Post
    Yes I do believe you are right! I also believe they have secret rituals and defecate on pictures of Donald Trump.

    ....whilst prostrating themselves in front of copies of Obama's birth certificate. Some even flagellate !!
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      Originally posted by Delayed View Post
      defecate on pictures of Donald Trump.
      Oh, come on.
      Everyone does that.


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        From the news section August 18 bomb at the Erawan Shrine that killed 20 people and injured 126. He found it extremely unlikely, however, that it was the work of Thai dissident political groups or even of the Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand who have waged a separatist war in three border provinces for the past decade.
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          Thai PBS picks up the Young Turk angle and there's a Grey Wolves hand gesture, too!

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            but no one has a they make crap up to suit their version of what they want to be true.


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              I can not remember another instance when a 'terror' group was successful in such an act and not immediately claiming responsibility. The bomber(s) are either very good or very lucky. That no one has ratted them out or seen anyone who looks like them is stunning. That the thai police has come up blank, must be very reassuring to any group looking for a soft target, and extremely worrying for the population.


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                Originally posted by Delayed View Post
                I can not remember another instance when a 'terror' group was successful in such an act and not immediately claiming responsibility.
                That's one of the main reasons I'm unsure it's the nutter end of Islam.
                That bunch of idiots shout out as loudly as they can about their murder, death, destruction and bloody stupidity.
                Something with this many column inches would demand their immediate loud mouth rubbish, proudly proclaiming how they cause a load of mayhem for the Almighty, but not a peep have we heard.
                I'm sure, if it was the southern insurgents/freedom fighters, someone would tell me they were afraid of the backlash, but extremists don't care about living, just their perverted version of their cause.
                Anyway, a lot of them don't live in Thailand, but in places like Lenggong, Perak, where the Thai authorities can't touch them.


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                  Originally posted by fred View Post
                  but no one has a they make crap up to suit their version of what they want to be true.
                  I think Grey Wolves fit the bill. They are more politically motivated than religiously although they go for religious targets that have become politicized.

                  Thai police are looking into this possibility but may have learned to keep their mouths shut.


                  Thai police said on Thursday they were looking at arrivals of Turkish nationals in the days before a Bangkok bomb attack that killed 20 people, but authorities in Turkey said they had received no request for assistance with the investigation.

                  Police in Thailand and some security analysts have raised the possibility of a connection in the Aug. 17 blast to the Turkic-speaking Muslim Uighur minority from the far west of China, who complain of Chinese government persecution.
                  The blast at the Hindu Erawan Shrine, popular with Asian tourists, killed 20 people, more than half of them foreigners.


                  Thailand last month deported more than 100 Uighurs to China, sparking condemnation by rights groups and a protest outside Thailand's consulate in Istanbul. The treatment of Uighurs is an important issue for many Turks, who see themselves as sharing a common cultural and religious background.

                  Thai media reported that police were investigating 15 to 20 Turkish people who had entered the country over the two weeks before the blast.
                  National police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri, asked about the reports, confirmed that police had been looking into the arrival of Turkish people.
                  "There are probably more Turkish coming into Thailand than that. We investigated groups which may have come into the country," Prawut told reporters.
                  Turkish foreign ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic said he was aware of reports in the Thai media that Turks may have been involved but said Ankara had received no requests for information or assistance from Thai authorities.

                  "Our minister called the newly appointed Thai foreign minister yesterday and they talked about bilateral relations and also the fight against terrorism. But this issue specifically was not discussed," he told reporters.
                  "We told the Thai authorities: if you have any concrete information, please convey it to us. But until now nothing has been given to us," he said.

                  The main evidence from the blast that police have is security camera footage showing a man with a yellow shirt and dark hair removing a backpack after entering the shrine, and walking away before the explosion.
                  Twelve of the 20 dead in the attack were foreigners, including people from China, Hong Kong, Britain, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
                  Anthony Davis, a Bangkok-based security analyst with IHS-Jane's, speaking at the Foreign Correspondent's Club of Thailand on Monday, said there were not many groups with the motive and capability to pull off such an attack.
                  He said the most likely perpetrators were members of an ultra-nationalist Turkish organization called the Grey Wolves, a group not known to have engaged in any significant militant activity in recent years, beyond street clashes with rivals.

                  Davis said their motive may have been revenge for Thailand's deportation of Uighurs to China.
                  "The Uighur cause is something they've latched onto in a big way," he said, adding that the Grey Wolves were "at the front of the queue" during an attack on the Thai consulate in Istanbul last month by a mob protesting Thailand's decision to deport the Uighurs
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                    Ward of Lore


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                      It could also be red shirts, yellow shirts, the CIA, or pretty much anyone else.

                      Was it a targeted attack on a given person made to look as if it was a terrorist attack?
                      For that, you'd need the names f the dead, injured, and people close by that were near misses.


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                        With all the scientific goodies they have at their disposal , how come the origin of the explosive has not been established, or has it and not allowed to bepublished less someone may be more embarrassed than he is now because the perps are not incarcerated.


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