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Another nice fairy tale?

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  • Another nice fairy tale?


    The discovery of the tomb itself in 1922 caused a sensation and the 3,300 year old mummified remains fascinated an intrigued nation.
    Since the mummy was opened there have been murders, a poisoning, a suicide, death animals and even a killer mosquito which saw off the owner of Downton Abbey.

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    Thought he was a descendant of an ancient alien, 'according to ancient alien theorists!'


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      According to Giogio A Tsoukalos these so called ancient aliens had ''Spaceships made of gleaming bronze''...........
      What were they powered by? steam?
      So much for ancient space technology then, eh?


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        I think Carter's killer mosquito was actually just an infection. But I have been to the tomb and would not go in it, just to be safe.

        There was a fascinating Discovey channel series in late 90's

        The host and archaeologist, Bob Brier thought Tut's father, Akhenaten had this disease

        Froehlich's Syndrome, an endocrine disorder found most commonly in men.
        The endocrine system consists of the glands in the body which produce and release into the bloodstream certain chemicals known as hormones. Hormones regulate various bodily functions, like glucose and insulin levels in the blood, growth, salt metabolism, and sexuality. The main endocrine gland is the pituitary, located in the forebrain. The pituitary gland is divided into two parts: the anterior pituitary, which regulates the activities of the other glands in the system and is also responsible for the release of growth hormone, and the posterior pituitary, which regulates water and salt metabolism. The pituitary is regulated in turn by the hypothalamus, which also regulates hunger and various other biological functions. (Weiten, W., 1995).
        Ward of Lore


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