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"Thainess" The things that make you smile.

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  • "Thainess" The things that make you smile.

    Thought I would start a thread about things typically Thai that bring a smile to the face.
    For the last 4 days there has been 2 guys working at my BiLs house next door, making the window frames etc the roof has been up for a couple of months, anyway about 5 PM every day there are 2 or 3 "helpers" turn up just in time for after work bottle of Lao Khao , by the time the workers have finished there would not be much left as the Bil doesn't mind a drop himself. I mentioned it to the missus and we both have a giggle when the "helpers" turn up.

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    they are consummate free loaders, it doesn't make me smile I tell them to fck off real quickly, buy their own or hit the HI way.


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      Charming Thailand. Slackjawed lawabouts turning up when the work is done to cash in on the riches.

      wow. Sounds like the morons on the other channel handing out money to the dimbulb who smashed into his car.

      Where do these imbeciles come from? Crash into my car, I will pay you. (gobsmacked)


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        I think this topic would attract more comments if it were re named "Thainess" The things that make you say to your self WTF

        ↂ if there was a clock in my under pants, it would be at high noon ↂ


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          I like the smell of fried chicken in the morning.

          Or the way they toot their claxons when passing the shrines at the crest of a hill.
          And how they generally are patient in the worst of Bangkok traffic jams, very little horn honking.

          I enjoy seeing the girl buying a couple of bbq'd pork sticks share one with a street dog.

          I kinda like seeing the school parades and the kids in their cute outfits, which clog up the traffic. Even when it rains.

          I think it's great how bicycling has become increasingly popular, they do love their spandex.

          The Thai temple dogs who sing when the bell rings twice a day are fun to listen to. (who needs and alarm clock!)

          A family of four and their doggy on a scooter with the driver chatting on a cell phone, always amazes.

          Or how about how ghosts, spirits, and superstition are a central theme in the Thai soap opera.

          I like how cars, trucks, scooters, as well as people routinely get blessings from the local monks.

          At the local eateries where you get a plate of nice fresh veggies along with you rice and whatever dish.

          And then we could talk about all the interesting fresh fruit you see most everywhere.


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