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    Every day I see yet another PCG arrive on the market , some look like the same old style and specification , some stand out of the crowd and some will be forgotten very quickly, so I thought I would post the one's that seem to be a little different in some way .

    Introducing the -
    Lenovo Yoga Home 900 a 27 inch tablet (and desktop)

    Lenovo is expanding its Yoga line of tablets to include a model with a desktop PC-sized screen. In fact, the new Lenovo Yoga Home 900 is


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    Originally posted by Quilp View Post

    Cost around $ 1,500.00

    Holy crap that is forking precious! My Lenovo netbook cost 8000 baht three years ago.
    Has Lenovo teamed up with apple to service the upmarket? I think a MacBook Air is cheaper.


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      This seems to be a trend in the making , yet another large tablet soon to hit the market .

      The Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 inch tablet

      ↂ if there was a clock in my under pants, it would be at high noon ↂ


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        Any device that requires two hands to hold completely misses the point.


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          Just learned about this one


          I was recently shown how to hook it up and use it. Gotta get it and use it while in Thailand. Worked great! F Thai TV and what they offer
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            The end is near.
            Prepare, if you've the capabilities.


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