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    New Zealand To Discuss Changing Names Of Places Named 'N****r'

    Posted: 23/10/2015 16:12 AEST Updated: 35 minutes ago

    New Zealand is considering changing "offensive" place names | nathanh100 | Flickr

    Senator Eric Abetz is in trouble for using the term "negro" on radio, but New Zealand seems keen to avoid any similar dramas in future by changing the title of three places named "Nigger".
    Nigger Hill, Nigger Stream and Niggerhead,in the middle of New Zealand's south island, are all on the chopping block for their offensive names.
    Wendy Shaw, Secretary to the New Zealand Geographic Board for Land Information New Zealand, told The Huffington Post Australia there will be public consultations to change the names for the three areas -- "a hill, a group of connected hills and a stream" -- to less controversial titles.

    "Decisions on whether the names will be changed will be made following the three month public consultation, and consideration of the submissions by the New Zealand Geographic Board, possibly in April 2016... We are not able to say when a decision is likely to be made," Shaw said.

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    The whole idea of Political correctness has got out of hand , it seems nowadays to be hip and cool to spout this sort of snobbery thing , but in fact its really about stopping people from saying what they really mean just in case it may offend some one else. when I was a boy we had Paki corner shops and I shouted to my mates , hey spastic face , and no one went off the deep end . Some say that PC is just being compassionate and thoughtful to your fellow man , I say that's ok if you live in a nanny state , but we live in the real world , where there's far more worrying issues to address like Islam fundamentalists If you don't agree - Tough Luck Quilp
    ↂ if there was a clock in my under pants, it would be at high noon ↂ


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      Do Maoris consider themselves niggers? Do Kiwi's use the word nigger to mean Maoris? Maybe they do, but I suspect not. It is a US word and somehow the US PC crowd has been looking at overseas maps!

      If Kiwi authorities had a sense of humour they would simply remove one "g" from each name and let the government of Niger complain.


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        So why not call them Black Mans Hill or Creek. Or revert back to the original Maori names. PC can suck but using a term that has always been derogatory today, surely a no brainer. The only reason I could see for keeping them is if they were named after a guy called Sid Nigger from Burnely in Lancashire sic 1892


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          Failed cultures use PC to make them seem better

          Sure the Arabs Jews and Europeans sold niggers as agricultural machinary to USA.

          Sure they were treated as lower orders ,It's Darwinism in action, a long time ago Blacks and Arans slaved Spaniards and Irish the Barbary coast wasn't just in SF

          Like Thais unconquered yet hard to name a major scientific breakthrough that originated here


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