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  • Amusing Singles Advertisements

    These ones from the Philippines...

    "What I'm looking for is someone I can just be friends with. Someone I can hangout with on weekends. I'm a good drinker and gets to loosen up when I'm tipsy. By that I mean, I get to dance like a frog. If we ended liking each other, I don't mind getting aggressive but if let say you get attracted to another girl while we're on the bar or cafe, I won't mind. I would even insist you checking her out. In short, okay you get me"

    "I miss using a man's body for my pleasure. Looking for someone who looks strong in the outside but a sissy inside the bedroom. I want to dress you up. Put make up on. And dominate you in bed"

    "Important fact: I haven't been in any relationship for three years. I don't live extravangantly but I would spend more on good food and great gadgets like smart phones if I have the chance.Currently unemployed so yep, I'm broke.. but not for the lack of trying, it just doesn't work for me right now. Good news is, I have loads of free time to spend with you.. "

    "...Actualy i may look like a slut but im totally not"

    "The help I need thou is nothing sexual. It can be a meaningful conversation or talk about pretty much anything. I'll try my best to be witty or charming and if you can disregard my ditziness, flirtiness and hippieness then we should be good to go.I speak and cuss in English and Tagalog. Not that it matters, but for the benefit of those with ulterior motives, I'm a dwarfo fatso single mom"

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    Originally posted by Mr Tinkles View Post

    "...Actualy i may look like a slut but im totally not"

    If she is lying about not actually being a slut, she might be the girl for me.


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      I don't think I've ever seen a Philippina that looked like that.


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        I have. Some are amazingly beautiful, but they tend to be young.


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