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    Serious question. What level of skin colour is required for it to:

    1 Make the person hypersensitive?
    2 Believe everything another person says is racist?

    I recently placed an ad for a position at my place. So far I've had 4 enquiries. The first that came in I could not open the file and so I asked for a PDF or Word Doc to be sent. The person responded at 3 am and sent the same doc that I couldn't open. I left it there.

    The 3 other applicants all had decent CVs, but the best one that attracted me was a Black-America with lots of experience and he presented himself impeccably in his CV. However, like many applicants we've had in the past, they fail to read all details in our ad regarding location, and specifically pointed out not to apply if logistics would be an issue.

    Assuming all had read the description, I email the Black-American (His words) to pursue the matter further, but as it turned out he was miles away. I asked about his location and questioned how he could get to us on time.

    At this point, I hadn't offered the job as I had 2 other applicants to contact. But I did mention to the applicant above that I had concerns regarding him reaching us in a timely fashion and to let me think of a solution.

    I received this:
    In other words: "We only hire caucasian teachers despite an African-American having the credentials needed for the positions available"...At least you weren't overt with the subliminal discrimination and actually replied to my inquiry. Happy Holidays XXXXXX

    If I was racist as he was softly implying, why the eeff would I have even bothered to reply.


    Regardless, our longest serving staff member is Indian/Canadian. He's not black enough to be racist against against, right!

    Not sure the sensitive buttercup is aware of the defamation law here too.

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    Irony overload or what!
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    God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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      You guys have your (almost) undisturbed 'safe space' here.
      Originally posted by Ergenburgensmurgen;n186588
      What are you talking about, I don't post on Teakdoor.


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        I feel sorry for any carol singers doing a rendition of ''white christmas'' at his door this festive season


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          Originally posted by serrollt View Post
          You guys have your (almost) undisturbed 'safe space' here.
          As opposed to the far left whackos who over-populate TD & TVF?
          God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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            Many Thais draw black stereotypes from what they see around them, ie. African scammers or Kenyans winning the Bangkok or Pattaya marathon

            A bit narrow minded really.
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              I've never understood the mindset of those rare hiso Thai girls that love tanning themselves on the beach. Rebellion against the white supremacist idiology?


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                There's a tanning salon down Suk 38


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                  Their other business is selling ice cubes to Eskimos?


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                    Made a fortune selling msg to the Chinese


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                      Thanks for the warning, lots of snowflakes falling as its snowing today.


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                        Metisdead tvf mod. The snowflakes snowflake.


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                          Originally posted by Bonglek View Post
                          Metisdead tvf mod. The snowflakes snowflake.

                          Winner !! 100% correct. And Scott is his twin
                          If I dont respond it is because: A) Libtard; B) Blocked Libtard; C) Playing Golf


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