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  • The things we want but cannot find...

    Welcome to the ‘I wanna but I canna find’ thread: the place for everyone to come up with their wish list of items they’ve always wanted but can’t find in Thailand. Until now, that is…

    After all these years here in Thailand there’s still a few things I've always wanted but can’t seem to find. No, I’m not after jars of sun-dried earth worms, jonboats or blue bananas, that’s stuff finally found, or forgotten…

    I'm talking about items that I do-not-need-but-would-love-to-have and which I would buy in an eye blink if I found them, when of course, price and/or condition were reasonable.

    Items which, at least for me and until now, are hopefully hidden somewhere in Thailand and/or their whereabouts are only known by a handful of people and maybe you happen to know those persons! The proverbial barn find.

    Maybe I can’t find them because I don’t look hard enough, or because they simply are non-existent here in Thailand, or maybe because I know that it’s easier to find them abroad, but once ordered come with hefty shipping- and import fees. Combine that with the fact that from afar you really can’t inspect the goodies and one keeps hoping to find it closer to home.

    But who knows, maybe one of you know where these items may come from, or can give me a hint where to look. I’m in no hurry…just hope you will remember this wish list if you are touring around Thailand and please, add your own 'wanted things too. Let’s turn this into a ‘I wanna but I canna find’ thread and see what can be found…

    First up….
    …is a vintage tractor. In a distant past I’ve owned several classic cars and motorbikes, an old boat as well, but a tractor was always on the list “Later”. Later is about now and for the past few years I’ve kept one eye open for a old-style (1940s-50s) tractor…like the Ferguson te20 pictured above. Unfortunately Thai farmers only started using tractors in the late 60s, early 70s and there’s a few of those on display at agricultural institutes, automobile musea and the occasional old and bigger farm/cooperations (like the old Ferguson on Chokchai Farm) but none for sale.

    It’s the sound, the looks of solid power, those enormous wheels, the simplicity and of course the fact that it would suit me well as a full time gardener. I know I can run into any Kubota, John Deere, Ford, Massey Ferguson or any other brand dealership, turn my wallet upside down and return home at 45 km/h but modern tractors, nah… far too big, powerful, comfy, automated and last but not least, too expensive.

    I’m not after a ’showroom’ condition, as long as the engine runs and mechanics are fine, I’ll be happy. Part of the fun is repairing/restoring on-the-go. Any old trailer/implements are a bonus. If only I know where these tac-a-tac-a-tac’s are hidden here in Thailand, I can start to ‘harass’ the owners.

    Keep an eye open for me, will ya? If you see one, please take a photo and post it here…

    Vintage tractors | Google pixx: here
    Vintage tractors | You tube: video Just don't look at the newer, square-bodied ones, na khrap...

    Second item....


    A big size, 12 or 14 or even a 16 quart, cast-iron Camp Dutch Oven. I’ve asked a few visiting American friends to bring me one, but so far my …err… supplications have no effect, I wonder why?

    Camp ovens differ from normal Dutch ovens in that they have a flanged lid to retain the heat inside (can hold hot coals/charcoal and when inverted it can be used as a griddle) and the three legs keep it well balanced and upright over a campfire. A nice strong loop handle is standard as well. These ovens retail for $ 65 to $ 90 in the USA and yes, can be bought over the internet but shipping costs will equal or surpass purchase price. Again, I wonder why…

    I know there’s small, normal ones available in TH, and I’ve seen the enamel ones at a True Value shop in BKK and a big warehouse somewhere else, but these were not the real thing for me, no camp ovens, too small, too flimsy… i need big, sturdy…..I can be a hungry man when camping, with many hungry friends around me, although no longer any American ones.


    More pixx | Google : here

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    True value here in BKK has dutch ovens...though they are expensive


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      Topper, if you ever (in no hurry) make it to a True Value store again, could you look at size and prices and post 'm here? I remember seeing some heavy cookware pans at one of their stores a few months ago, but they were all enamel covered . Here in CM no True Value shops and their website only shows this: It says 'graniteware', no price. Found a bit more info here.


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        First up is an Ericsson hot air water pump, something like this one:

        The family would be much happier keeping this thing going and cooking away while pumping the pond during the dreaded rain interval in June.

        Then I want one of these:

        Well any stationary steam engine will do. It seems so much more practical to run a steam engine than a petrol one up in the sticks but I keep being told they are too old fashioned....Bah Humbug!


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          An upgrade on my smoker would be nice... Something like this:

          “Don’t get sick of me just yet, for I will be here for quite a while”


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              Originally posted by Ampersand View Post

              First up….
              …is a vintage tractor.

              I’m not after a ’showroom’ condition, as long as the engine runs and mechanics are fine, I’ll be happy. Part of the fun is repairing/restoring on-the-go. Any old trailer/implements are a bonus. If only I know where these tac-a-tac-a-tac’s are hidden here in Thailand, I can start to ‘harass’ the owners.
              Well the first thing one needs to do is to put your location in your profile. No good me finding a tractor in Krabi if you live in Nong Khai.

              OK there is or was an old small Kubota B series for sale opposite Bira racetrack.


              No it is not vintage but is about 20hp+ just like the TE. It can do anything the TE can do for gardening. OK it probably doesn't have the auto 3 point linkage for ploughing but you never know. Parts are available from Kubota as well as all add on and accessories.

              An old tractor is a tool. So if it can do the job and is in decent nick the price will be relative.

              OK now the philosophical bit. I came to Asia because it is DIFFERENT. Not so I could pine for all the stuff I cannot get here.
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                Smokeless Citronella Oil

                I'll take 10 gallons and pay for the postage I've been looking for years.

                Actually it doesn't have to be smokeless at all. Just plain old Citronella oil for lamps.
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                      ^^^ Here's another. Is this "vintage" enough? It even has a grass cutter attachment.

                      2014-11-26 13.36.12.jpg

                      Sorry about the finger, it was sunny and i couldn't see the display.


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                        Originally posted by Voɔɒlnɘɒl View Post
                        ^^^ Here's another. Is this "vintage" enough? It even has a grass cutter attachment.
                        Voɔɒlnɘɒl, thanks for the 'hunting' but no, not old enough... I like the rounder shapes and the overall looks of the 50s/early 60s, in cars, motorbikes, boats and tractors. (airplanes too) Guess it has something to do what I saw and admired as a child, dreamed of and never had.

                        Chiang Mai is the location, btw but if the wanted item is 'far away', I'll travel.


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                          I recently priced a small, used tractor like that with a grass cutting attachment and the guy wanted 300,000 for it. It was already rusting and leaking oil.

                          I can't put my finger on the reason this dynamic exists.
                          1. Its an import and should be taxed to death to create wealth generation for the rich.
                          2. Wealthy people can circumvent pesky import taxes and buy it for near value.
                          3. It's a measure to protect the employment of legions of weed wacking Somchais.
                          4. Anybody with enough land to require a machine like this should either buy the goddamn thing at 10x value or stfu.

                          There are many more perfectly good reasons, I'm sure.
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                            Serrolit, that's a nice little smoker! Can't be too difficult to make one (and a few more) once all the interior racks and hooks are found. I'll ask the guys who make the big BBQ and chimney thingies used by street vendors.

                            Another source for smokers is this: but they're gas-fired and quite pricey.

                            luckyjim, how about an afternoon in the kitchen?
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                              that a good link the guy, does some quality grillers and may be able to supply what I need, a gas fired griller with a couple of radiators on each side, so one can put meat on a metal rod for grilling. some one makes them because there is one not too far away, where they grill chicken.