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    Originally posted by S Landreth View Post

    Just for fun. Kind of like a what if.......

    A loser knows a few people (from a forum) that are looking for a date. Let’s call the Loser, F. O. Jeff (unhappy with its miserable life and why it didn’t get a piece of the pie)

    Loser: Sure I know a few guys.

    Sweetheart (with children): Tell me about them.

    Loser: Well puke is attracted to underage females and in fact has had a relationship with at least one.

    Sweetheart: You know I have kids in the house, right? No thanks.

    Loser: OK what about a little fat guy who owns a castle and says it’s fighter pilot.

    Sweetheart: A fighter pilot?

    Loser: Well, it says it got a degree in Finance.

    Sweetheart: Finance?

    Loser: Yes, it got a degree in Finance so it could count other people’s money.

    Sweetheart: Let’s move on. Quickly!

    Loser: How about a fruit picker? I should tell you it has boasted about having sex in a 3rd would country with desperate women without protection. But if you’re nice to it for few a few days it’ll renovate a 65 square meter Spa for you in BKK.

    Sweetheart: You trying to get me killed?

    Loser: How about someone who knows Thailand? But I have to warn you,……… kinda of has a thing for its cousin.

    Sweetheart: Filth,……….all of them. Some should be locked up.
    Pretty good summary.

    It would have to be a particularly desperate set of circumstances for a woman to feel forced into picking any of that line-up of losers.


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      Originally posted by Fluke View Post

      That joke is getting rather old , it has been posted many times already
      thing is, he really did post that.


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        Originally posted by Fluke View Post

        I would prefer it if you were more precise and wrote "18 year old" , otherwise some people might come to the wrong conclusion .
        Once again none of the people involved have a problem with it and once again , the only person who has an issue with it is yourself .
        This is not the first time that this has happened .

        your words.


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          Originally posted by Arthur Daley View Post
          Someone seems awfully obsessed with this ^. Can't think why

          Unbelievably recycled by loons for 19 years since being posted during my first few piss-taking weeks on ajarn.


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            I must have been sleeping

            Originally posted by Puu View Post
            I'm sure there's plenty of low-rent TEFLer positions open if you're interested Seth.
            Don't even require an education or intelligence, for that matter.
            A perfect fit.

            Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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              Looking for a job! Can I bring my SPAS?


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                Just kidding.


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                  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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