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Sending Shipping Container to Thailand

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  • Sending Shipping Container to Thailand

    Have any of you Thailand veteran expats ever shipped your belongs to Thailand in a shipping container?

    What was your experience? Taxed? Not taxed? Cost?

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    Bad Idea .

    Thai Customs will have a field day .

    besides almost anything you want is available .


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      We had a house full of personal goods plus half a shop's worth of (sort of) antiques belonging to my wife's cousin shipped over from Britain. We paid an agent to sort everything out with customs and I think we paid him 20,000 (it was a decade ago so I can't remember the exact figure now - it might have been a bit more). Presumably a chunk of that went to the customs officials because when the container arrived at our house, it hadn't even been opened.

      almost anything you want is available
      That depends on want you want, but if you're furnishing a house and you don't particularly like buying total crap or paying through the nose, you're going to be badly disappointed.


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        Originally posted by Mid View Post
        Bad Idea .

        Thai Customs will have a field day .
        Big negativo on that Mid.

        A returning Thai citizen living abroad X # of years can bring in Duty Free Household goods.

        The only thing you need to be careful about regarding the manifest you generate is not mention guns/booze/motorcycle parts etc.

        It's do-able if one has nice furniture they want to keep.
        God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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          I shipped my belongings from KSA to Thailand back in 2004, so things may have changed a bit....

          I paid the shipping company 10,000 bht "extra" so that it would pass though customs unopened.