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I wanna stay long term this time

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  • I wanna stay long term this time

    I know this an often asked question, but I haven't found the best answer.

    I need to know some of the legal ways to stay and live long term in Thailand.

    How do I go about finding a company who will sponsor me for a business visa? Is it hard to find one?

    Should I try and find a job and will most companies get me a work permit? What jobs are there?

    Should I consider getting married to a Thai national AKA my girlfriend? I love my Thai girlfriend, but not sure if I want to do that yet.

    Visa runs? Are they still possible?

    How about multiple entry tourist visas?

    Khop khun krap! l will appreciate all comments

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    Advice is nice?!?!?!


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      If you have to work, don't consider living here. Ever.

      By design, Thailand is a place for foreigners to spend money, not earn it. If you marry your girlfriend in order to live here you are desperate and likely won't last long anyway.
      There, that's my advice.
      Last edited by Texpat; 07-10-2016, 12:30 AM.


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