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On the border of Laos

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  • On the border of Laos

    This was shot on a gopro at the zipline in the Si Pan Don area ( four thousand Islands) on Laos southern border.

    This along with Tad Fane was one of the better ziplines in Laos.
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    Nice shoes fish.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.


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      They got me in and out of the slipstream. I have some water shoes as well for if I know I'll be walking through rivers and such.

      The same for some clothing that is designed to not absorb water. Unlike cotton that will feel like a wet rag after running around in the heat sweating.

      You see I've been there, done that and all. Live and learn I say.

      That spot had a total of seven lines so well worth the 40 usd. Tad Fane (Tad Fun as Laotians pronounce it) only had 3 or 4, I forgot but the first one is insane.

      I lost the footage up in Vang Veing but as I recall it was fun but not Tad Fun.



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        Not to be disrupting this fine thread, but are you the same fishlocker that was banned from teakdoor for excessive use of the forum?


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          Excessive is really not the right term. I just think one night I pissed a few people off.

          I'm from the north in a free world. You sling at me, well like a monkey I slung it back.

          I guess at one time this was refered to as " mudd slinging." No, no no, not like building houses in Africa. All just verbal. . .no real work.

          But yea, the fish hung to dry.


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            Originally posted by Norton View Post
            Nice shoes fish.
            Thanks, I earned them. I've learned that good footwear is a must when trekking about.
            I've some cool water shoes for fishing as well. They drain well and dry fast and that's the key to foot health out in the styx.

            I did learn about those flash rains on the last trip over.
            You see I pulled up at the local Frendship mart on sils 110cc Honda wave scooter and parked among all the other scooters.

            I noticed that every one had their helmets hanging on the mirrors. So like I guy from Portland ...or Wisconsin I toss mine into the little basket off the front of the thing. Yea, top down as it was convenient.

            Anyway I'm in the store for ten minutes and I hear wicked thunder and what sounded like a hailstorm on the tin/ metal roof of the joint.

            So I get an ice cream and wait it out. Damage was done as the helmet was full on returning to the scooter.

            Live and learn......when in Rome.



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