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Overstay on a visa in the US

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  • Overstay on a visa in the US

    Is it the same in the US as it is in Thailand with a Thai overstaying on a tourist visa? If my Thai gf stays passed the date on her visa, can she just fly out or will they detain her at the airport in America that we fly out of. My mom has become very ill and she needs me to stay and help care for her. I can't really do it alone and will have to get a job. I was thinking to have my gf take care of her while I am working. Her visa expires at the end June and she is going to get in trouble, I will send her on to Thailand alone. I can't find anything on any US based sites.

    Thanks for in input.

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    Your girlfriend could be barred from re-entering the US for up to 10 years according to some websites. Google is your friend.


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