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"New Chapter" in US-Cuba ties

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  • "New Chapter" in US-Cuba ties

    'New chapter' in US-Cuba ties

    US President Barack Obama has hailed a "new chapter" in US relations with Cuba, announcing moves to normalise diplomatic and economic ties.
    Mr Obama said Washington's current approach was "outdated" and the changes were the "most significant" in US policy towards Cuba in 50 years.
    Cuban President Raul Castro said he welcomed the shift in a TV address.
    The move includes the release of US contractor Alan Gross and three Cubans held in the US.
    Wednesday's announcements follow more than a year of secret talks in Canada and at the Vatican, directly involving Pope Francis.
    US-Cuba relations have remained frozen since the early 1960s, when the US broke off diplomatic relations and imposed a trade embargo after Cuba's revolution led to communism.

    The US is looking to open an embassy in Havana in the coming months, Mr Obama said on Wednesday.

    The plans set out in a White House statement also include:
    • Reviewing the designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism
    • Easing a travel ban for US citizens
    • Easing financial restrictions
    • Increasing telecommunications links
    • Efforts to lift the 54-year-old trade embargo

    Mr Castro said the changes were something Cuba had been pressing for for a long time.
    "Ever since my election... I have reiterated on many occasions our preparedness to hold a respectful dialogue with the government of the United States based on sovereign equality," he said.

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    When does that first boat leave from Miami? I want to be on it. My first crush (Isabell) was on a girl from Cuba.
    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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      ^ Plastic fantastic . . .

      About time - sixty years because some crime bosses lost their casinos and Cubans were freed from corporate greed.
      Granted, the result wasn't that good, but let's quote New Hampshire


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        The lesson is don't piss the US off, NZ tried when they had the no Nuclear policy under the Lang administration and the US punished us, even to the extent that Air NZ suffered delays on arrival baggage checks and directed tem to non main gates at LAX.
        It was just to cause inconvenience, and show us who is the BOSS.
        I thinks it normalized now, thanks in part to slick willy when he asked (in between getting his dick sucked by Monicka, who btw he didn't have sex with) but at least he asked WTF is this all about and someone replied, we have a beef with these sheep shaggers because the wouldn't let our boats Park in their Marina, willy replied screw this, get real NZ fought along side us 3 conflicts and even now they are helping us bomb the bejesus out of those dreaded Muzzis.
        So everything is has been normalized. Although I still think they have to declare if ships are Nuke or non Nuke.
        Mind you, what are they going to do about it if the Ronald Reagan steams in at full throttle and doesn't obey the police man? ( you cant park here son, until you have filed out the right forms)


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          So everything is has been normalized. Although I still think they have to declare if ships are Nuke or non Nuke.
          Same for Oz - declare.


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            Possibly the first Obama policy I agree with. Long overdue. Cuba got reamed by the Soviet Union. Dropped like a hot rock when the Ruskies went insolvent.

            But don't forget, the US presence (Guantanamo) has been there for more than a century.

            willy replied screw this, get real NZ fought along side us 3 conflicts and even now they are helping us bomb the bejesus out of those dreaded Muzzis.
            Willy was scared sh!tless to offend anybody -- even OBL himself. He's a big part of the reason AQ was able to fester like an infected canker.

            Tell us... how many Muzzies has NZ bombed?
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              Definitely long overdue. This seems to have sailed through largely under the radar, so far. But will this be a problem getting thru' a Republican controlled Congress, with a strongly Republican & anti-Castro CubanAmerican lobby?

              President Castro urged Washington to lift a trade and economic embargo imposed on the communist-run island - a move that can only be made by Congress.

              Republican Senator Marco Rubio has criticised the new US policy, saying it would do nothing to address the issues of Cuba's political system and human rights record.

              It is pointless to say Cuban American relations are 'normalised' while the sanctions persist.


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                I don't see this as a major issue by either party. Nobody, barring a few Cuban constituencies in South Florida, will be willing to fight for it. I suspect that in the past it was a political white elephant because Florida is such an important state (29 electoral votes). Only once since 1976, when FL had only 17 electoral votes, has the winning president not carried Florida (1992).

                But as Norton pointed out a few weeks ago, these pockets of minorities with their narrow agendas that mean little to 95 percent of Americans, often get the most grease.

                I don't think it's something the GOP is going to lose sleep over. At least I hope not.


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                  Some noise about it from both sides of the aisle. Agree. Mostly political posturing to placate the old git fanatical anti Castro crowd. Certainly not near enough votes in congress to reverse Obama's move.
                  Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.


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                    I agree it's long overdue. However, it's not the end. It's the beginning of the end. I don't see change coming quickly and I doubt it will be an easy ride for Cuba. It's not the style of the US to be kind unilaterally. I am sure any changes will be limited in scope and the US will demand that Cuba do something first for every little concession or change the US agrees to.

                    Some examples of the limited changes:
                    Easing financial restrictions - sending remittance up to USD 2000 every three months (up from USD 500).
                    The easing of travel ban for US citizens - but apparently not for tourists.
                    If you are lucky enough to be able to get a license to travel to Cuba, you will only be able to bring back $400 worth of goods from Cuba.


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                      Originally posted by Panama Hat View Post
                      ^ Plastic fantastic . . .
                      Originally posted by Raven View Post
                      Some examples of the limited changes:

                      I think I also read where now US banks will be able to open up in Cuba???????

                      What about baseball?
                      Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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                        severed in January 1961.
                        That's one long time to carry on for a hissy fit, I can't even remember what it was all about, Oh yea I do vaguely remember the Mafia were well pissed at losing their Cuban franchise and the oil companies the same at losing the right to rape Cubans, what else was there?
                        Must be something earth shattering bad to sever diplomatic and commercial ties with a close neibour and do without the finest cigars in the world.
                        May be they felt threatened by a minnow on their door step much the way I feel when a cat takes a crap on mine, my retribution is I boot the poxy little thing all the way to the road, it makes me feel so gooooood.


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                          Originally posted by peterplonker View Post
                          May be they felt threatened by a minnow on their door step

                          Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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                            OK I have agree a minnow but with a big and dead ugly father, given to gratuitous violence.


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