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"New Chapter" in US-Cuba ties

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  • I don’t think an online poll is that accurate. A lot of old people don’t do online………
    • Americans favor diplomatic engagement with Cuba

    More Americans favor engaging Cuba diplomatically than any other approach to the island, according to a new poll by the online political platform Moxy.

    The survey found that 41 percent of respondents favored diplomatic engagement, followed by 35 percent saying it should be easier for Cubans to migrate to the United States, 34 percent wanting to sanction Cuban human rights abuses in international courts, and 33 percent favoring ratcheting up sanctions on the communist regime.

    "We presented 10 different policy measures, and the respondents can choose as many as they want," said Cesar Melgoza, CEO of Moxy.

    "The one that was chosen most often, overall as well as by Republicans and Democrats, was diplomacy," added Melgoza.

    The polling results come as the Biden administration is expanding its diplomatic footprint in Cuba. The State Department last month allowed diplomats on the island to be accompanied by adult relatives, but the White House has stopped short of the policy of rapprochement from the Obama era.

    Meanwhile, Cuba remains in the political spotlight, particularly in Florida after protests on the island renewed interest in supporting the Cuban opposition among some U.S. groups.

    But according to Moxy's poll, Americans overall don't see Cuba as a top issue.:

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      Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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        • Cuba accuses US of coordinating upcoming civil liberties protest

          Cuba is accusing the U.S. of coordinating a civil liberties protest that is set to take place on Nov. 15.

          Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla said in a meeting with diplomats on Wednesday the U.S. is helping plan a protest the Cuban government has forbidden, alleging that the U.S. is trying to destabilize the country, Reuters reported.

          "U.S. policy ... is doomed to failure. It is unfeasible. It hasn't worked for 60 years. It does not work now ... and it will not work in the future," Rodriguez said.

          The Cuban government has already warned the leader of Archipelago, the Facebook group leading the protest, against going through with the demonstration, which the group's leader says is for civil liberties and human rights.

          "We are not mercenaries, nor are we receiving orders from anyone," Yunior García Aguilera, leader of the Archipelago group, said after meeting with government prosecutors. "We are openly demonstrating a difference of opinion.”

          Rodriguez also accused Facebook of "altering logarithms, altering the geolocation mechanism to simulate the massive presence in Cuba of people with accounts that are known to reside outside our country, primarily in Florida and in the U.S. territory,” according to Reuters.

          He said Facebook violated international law and could be sued for “practices against Cuba.”

          Archipelago says that more than half of its 31,501 Facebook members live in Cuba, per Reuters.

          The upcoming protest comes after huge civil liberties demonstrations broke out in Cuba over the summer, during which a human rights group documented systematic abuses the government allegedly committed against protesters.

          The U.S. House recently passed a resolution supporting the Cuban protesters and the upcoming protest on Nov. 15. Forty Democrats and no Republicans voted against its passage.:

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          • ‘Give Us a Break!’ Cuban Activists Say U.S. Sanctions Are Blocking Them from Online Services

            On Nov. 9, Cuban journalist Elaine Diaz was trying to send out a newsletter to the subscribers of Periodismo de Barrio, her watchdog news site covering human rights issues on the island, when she got an error message on her screen.

            The U.S.-based service she had been using, MailChimp, had suddenly and unexpectedly eliminated her account. “They did it without prior warning, for being based in Cuba,” she wrote on Twitter. “It’s not the first Cuban outlet to go through this experience. Shameful.”

            As Internet access has exploded on the island, an increasing number of Cuban journalists, activists, dissidents and artists find themselves locked out of the online platforms and services used by the rest of the world—not by their communist government, but due to restrictions imposed on American companies by the broad, 60-year-old U.S. embargo. In recent years, they have been abruptly blocked from cloud services, file transfer sites, social media managers, editing software, development apps, video calling, free education platforms and NFT marketplaces. It not only shuts them out of the global digital economy, several young Cubans tell TIME, it also makes it harder to create content and reach a wider audience.

            The restrictions come on top of the Cuban government’s own tight grip on Internet access for its citizens through the state-owned telecommunications monopoly, ETECSA, which blocks news websites deemed critical of the regime. The agency also restricted access to social media platforms in the wake of historic protests over food and medicine shortages in July, with some calling on President Miguel Diaz-Canel to step down.

            The two factors have combined to hit the heart of Cuba’s protest movement. The summer protests, as well as the San Isidro demonstrations that preceded it last year, were spearheaded by young artists who rely on digital platforms to disseminate information and express and organize themselves online. As a result, the blunt instrument of the decades-old embargo is inadvertently stifling the very freedom of expression and robust civil society that the U.S. government seeks to support in Cuba, experts say, as U.S. companies try to avoid running afoul of the law.

            Much, much more:

            Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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