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    Newly-banned Thai opposition party says junta helped 1MDB cover-up

    ReutersFebruary 23, 2020, 4:52 PM GMT+7

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    Ant v Smeg

    So not only do you track and log forum members' appearance, hreight and current weight, but also their date of birth? Foook you're one creepy unhinged

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    Ant v Smeg

    Nobody: ...
    Obese unemployed man in his 50ís who monitors forums and instigated an exchange with his sixth login on this forum alone: 'You've wasted

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    Arthur Daley

    Ant v Smeg

    ^ Ant, did you watch the Tyson Fury fight ?

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    Ant v Smeg

    That's a yes then.

    You appear to have wasted an entire weekend (word used loosely) monitoring a shitcanned TC thread.


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