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Thread: TV shows/Movies that are worth downloading.

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    I'm 45 minutes into "Shot Caller" (2017).

    Very good, IMO.

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    Cheers, downloading it now.

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    The lead actor is from Denmark and I liked the guy that played Bottles (as well as other actors).

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    Red Sparrow (2018).

    Worth a watch, IMO. Just watched it. No spoilers (of course).

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    Get Out (2017).

    Creepy from start to finish. Creepy.

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    Felon, 2008

    another prison movie. Need to watch different types of movies. Prison movies are depressing. Worth a watch, IMO.

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    Hell or High Water (2016)

    Worth a watch.

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    Una Noche

    Just watched this movie. Worth a watch, IMO. Cuban movie (2012).

    Can watch it for free on Youtube with English subs. One version on YT is of low quality, the other version is good quality. Youtube link at bottom, no need to download.

    LWO Community strong!

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    Jack Ryan Series.

    The actor I believe was in the US version of the office.

    Good plot as the story is seen from both sides.

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    Just watched both seasons. Pretty good.

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