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Thread: Koh Kret Island Day Trip.

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    Koh Kret Island Day Trip.

    To the Leaning Chedi of Bangkok.

    To the Leaning Chedi of Bangkok.

    A nice rustic and traditional Mon island in the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok.

    Google Maps.

    Drive to the end of Chaeng Wattana, and go left instead of going over the bridge.

    Don't point at Buddha, it's rude.

    The island has a narrow, raised concrete path going around the it's coast.

    That's our ferry.

    We went to the wrong pier just to get that photo.


    They do like statues round these parts.

    Don't pay the ferryman, til he gets you to the other side.

    3 baht each.

    Looking up river, that's the metal pier on the right if you want to photo your ferry first.

    The Health & Safety department hasn't made it to the gangplank factory yet.

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    You can rent out bicycles for 40thb, or 200b for a motosai taxi to go all the way around the island for 2 hrs or so. You can also get a longtail speedboat or slow chug-a-lug boat around it. Both are nice.

    The island is famous for it's pottery, and lately, Chit Craft Beer.

    Unfortunately only open at the weekends.

    This time we just went for a stroll up to the infamous Leaning Chedi of Bangkok.

    No, not that one.

    The place is full of old temples and chedis etc etc.

    And little canals that humpback bridges go over.

    And very old people, very young people, and animals.

    and greenery.

    Can stop off for a shower if you're feeling a bit toasty.

    We all need sustenance.

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    The main road.

    And secondary road.

    Actually, the only road.

    Land of smiles.

    This lady had nice watermelons and a nice bottom.

    I've seen enough episodes of The Wire to know a corner hand-over when I see one.

    Recycling done right.

    Recycling done wrong.

    The odd little critter will jump out and scare the bejaysus out of you.

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    The place is colourful, in fairness.

    Can slip 20 baht, or an old receipt into a donation box and get some fish and pigeon food.

    Dirty pigeons. Loved a bit of it.

    Not the nicest looking fish in the World.

    Your only way home, so don't go mooning them.

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    Finally the highlight.

    The infamous Leaning Stupa of Bangkok, at the most northern point.

    Yup, definitely a bit slanty.

    Photo bomb opportunity missed.

    They're ready for when Chitty next comes over.

    Made friends with some local kids, whose main hobbies appeared to be hitting everything with sticks as hard as they can, and throwing stones at people's heads.

    We kept our main organs behind various pillars while in the vicinity.

    The little one armed and ready to attack.

    Luckily HMS Somchai didn't do a Titanic

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    Captain cool gave it full beans

    And we got back on dry land for some sustenance.

    The Chao Phraya is nice and clear and ready for to drain away the rainy season floods.

    Danger. Danger. Toy Stall has been located.

    Nice place for a little easy day trip if living in BKK.

    Would also recommend it for families coming over to visit, but get motosai taxis to do a 2 hour loop of the whole island, and then a long tail speedboat around it and lunch at one of the (few) riverside restaurants. Chit Craft Beer if it's open.

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    good thread Jose

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