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Thread: Post a random photo or two you've recently taken

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    Post a random photo or two you've recently taken

    Random flowers in Fuxing Park, Shanghai

    Pudong Skyline, Shanghai

    Any photo enthusiasts post your random pics.. wherever you may be located. Cheers

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    Nice pics, cheers.

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    Anti-govt protest trouble around Terminal21 shopping centre Bangkok led to soldiers occupying Asoke BTS walking bridge (not so recent)


    Monk not happy with these events turns away from the soldiers and faces the traffic


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    Which is the primary reason we have the Junta in power now. Isn't peace wonderful?

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    ^^Wow, love the monk's action. I was there during the 2006 peaceful coup! T'was a bit of a funny sight, people giving flowers to the military in tanks.

    Came home to see this sitting outside next to my apartment building. Anyone gotta go?

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    Gonna miss these lovelies.

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    Thailand Lifer Jesus Jones's Avatar
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    I got the ladders out again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesus Jones View Post
    I got the ladders out again!
    Overcast day..where is it?

    Don't go..

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    Is there any money in raising cats for restaurant use in Korea like there is for dogs?

    Kimchi Pomeranian

    Over my way I wouldn't hesitate to roast a Koala, they're such stupid animals, like Pandas...but if it looks cute then humans tend not to eat them

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    ^Don't know I'm in China . Anyway, off for a long time now.

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