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Thread: Motorbike rides around Chiang Mai.

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    Motorbike rides around Chiang Mai.

    Will be spending a lot more time up in the Rose of The North, and will do some small motorbike ride reports as I twist along.

    Will be a bit of a slow thread I reckon.

    Saw this on google maps this morning, so off I goes.

    The 3044.

    Nice n easy, around 30km long and nice n twisty with the mountains to one side and fields to the other.

    Nice streams and nature on the way there.

    The main straight to build up speed before entering the twisties.

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    Nice race roads.

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    Can stop off and say hello to the locals.


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    Luckily it only went on for half a click then back to the asphalt.

    Will put an offer in when I cash in me Bitcoin in December.

    Reckon that gets a bit Swimmy come flooding season.

    The poor man's waterpark.

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    Some koont's building a football stadium a few clicks before rejoining the 118.

    If you build it, they will come.

    Could be Kevin Costner's holiday pad.

    We all need sustenance.

    Nice wee blast for those in CM with a bike.

    Next up will be The Samoeng Loop.

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    You must have almost ridden past my front door. Should have waved.

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    Will do next time.

    Watch out for a pink Fino.

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    Do you know who that football stadium is for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jose View Post
    Will do next time.

    Watch out for a pink Fino.
    What's the name of your motocy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xiao mo View Post
    What's the name of your motocy?

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