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Thread: The millionaire brit, his thai wife, disgruntled brother in law and bloodstained home,

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    The millionaire brit, his thai wife, disgruntled brother in law and bloodstained home,

    British millionaire and Thai wife missing from bloodstained home

    Marc Horne
    September 24 2018, 12:00pm, The Times

    Alan Hogg and his wife Nott, when they first met. The couple, now aged 64 and 61, were involved in a family feudNOT KNOWN REFER TO COPYRIGHT HOLDER

    Fears are growing for a British businessman and his wife after they went missing from their home in Thailand.

    Blood is said to have been found on the walls of the home owned by Alan Hogg, 64, originally from Edinburgh, and his wife Nott, 61, in the northern town of Phrae.

    The couple were reported missing last Thursday after relatives failed to contact them.

    Police are reported to have found bloodstains in a sink in the house and others on the wall of their swimming pool changing room.
    It was reported in Thailand that Ms Hogg’s brother, Warut Satchakit, was arrested after CCTV showed him entering the home and leaving in Mr Hogg’s white Ford Ranger pick-up truck.

    He was released on bail after denying any involvement in their disappearance but admitted removing the vehicle.

    Police continued to search the couple’s home and grounds while divers scoured nearby rivers.

    Major General Sanpat Praputsra of Phrae police confirmed that there had been ill-feeling between family members.

    He said: “The issue is likely to be a long-standing conflict within the family. We cannot find any other situations that are likely to have caused this.

    ‘’The brother-in-law had problems with money and there were family issues.’

    “Officers are working on the investigation day and night.”

    Mr Praputsra added: “The brother has been released on bail and charged with burglary at night for stealing the vehicle. He said he was only on the grounds of the property to take the car.”

    Police say they have CCTV footage of the brother entering the property on September 19. The vehicle was later spotted on CCTV being driven in Sukhothai and Lampang provinces on September 21.

    A mobile phone, thought to belong to Mr Hogg, is believed to have been recovered from the property and is being examined by detectives.
    Mr Hogg arrived in Thailand several years ago having worked as an engineer in Australia and is still involved with a number of businesses in the UK.

    He built the sprawling three-storey home and outdoor pool with changing rooms, snooker table, and summer house, on a vast plot of land with a gated entrance in the remote northern region.

    Neighbours claimed that Mr Hogg was a millionaire and described him as friendly and helpful.

    The couple’s daughter, who lives in England, has flown out to help with the search.

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    any tc members live in the phrae area?

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    Poor bloke, probably thought the family actually liked him!

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